Lovers of the Polar Circle a highlight of the art

“Lovers of the Polar Circle”, a highlight of the art of Julio Medem, and four other proposals that you can see on TV today

Basketball opens the television day with the game between Spain and Latvia at the Basketball World Cup, which will be broadcast on La 2. Also on La 2, Días de cine pays tribute to John Ford on the 50th anniversary of his death. For its part, Antena 3 continues its primetime commitment to the password competition, which this time features Santiago Segura and Lorena Castell. Film fans should watch two events: the memorable comedy “A Fish Called Wanda” on Movistar Clásicos and the poetry of Julio Medem in “The Lovers of the Arctic Circle” on La 2.

Spain-Latvia at the Basketball World Cup

11.30 a.m., La 2

Juancho Hernangómez in the Spanish basketball team at the 2023 World Cup

The Spanish basketball team remains ahead in the World Cup after winning its three games in the first part of the group stage. This morning the players coached by Sergio Scariolo begin their journey in the second round, where they will have to play two complicated games to qualify for the quarterfinals. Today they face Latvia and next Monday their rivals will be Canada.

“A Fish Named Wanda”

4.20 p.m., Movistar Classics

A Fish Called Wanda by Charles Crichton

A fish named Wanda. United Kingdom, 1988 (102 minutes). Directed by Charles Crichton. Cast: John Cleese, Kevin Kline, Jamie Lee Curtis.

They all fight to recover the spoils of a robbery: a young woman who takes advantage of her attractiveness; his lover, who hates anything that smells of English and, to top it off, part of the extinct Monty Python team. They move in an explosive plot that also hides sneaky movie quotes, such as that John Cleese’s character is called Archie Leach, Cary Grant’s real name. So an avalanche of laughter shakes a film that eased the comatose state of 1980s comedy; The signature belongs to Charles Crichton, a director with a mocking and angry spirit, who made the film at the healthy age of 78.

“Movie Days” is reminiscent of John Ford

8:30 p.m., La 2

John Ford and John Wayne in Monument Valley

The La 2 cinema room commemorates the 50th anniversary of the death of maestro John Ford, with the figure of the filmmaker as a virtual godfather. Seven voices, those of Paulino Viota, Carlos Reviriego, Juan Laborda, Esteve Riambau, Ignasi Juliachs, Begoña Piña and Eulalia Iglesias, will remember John Ford from his latest film Siete mujeres. In addition, the program will discuss the premieres on the billboard, including the Spanish films The Golden Apple by Jaime Chavarri and ¡Salta! by Olga Osorio, the Vietnamese film Memoryland and the French film Passages.

“Lovers of the Arctic Circle”

22.05, The 2nd

The Lovers of the Arctic Circle by Julio Medem

Spain, 1998 (104 minutes). Director: Julio Medem. Artists: Fele Martínez, Najwa Nimri, Nancho Novo.

Julio Medem’s fourth film fills with a poetic touch the love story between Anna and Otto, two beings who are subject to the laws of chance and helplessly wandering in the uncertain search for themselves. The images in “The Lovers of the Arctic Circle” show a flood of sensations in the midst of a magical, almost intangible universe in which love and death dictate their inexorable laws. Another moving masterpiece from one of Spanish cinema’s most personal and unclassifiable directors.

Santiago Segura and Lorena Castell, in “Password”

10/22, antenna 3

Password competition, transferred to Antena 3Luis Miguel González

The competition, presented by Cristina Pedroche, presents new challenges in the form of several tests based on guessing secret words. This week’s two contestants form pairs with the evening’s two guests, Santiago Segura and Lorena Castell. In each duo, one of its members knows the correct answer and must provide clues using hints, gestures and other words with different roots.

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