Love storm anticipation: Rosalie follows Christoph to Paris and … |  Italian Episodes

Love storm anticipation: Rosalie follows Christoph to Paris and … | Italian Episodes

After weeks of back and forth, the triangle in between finally threatens to explode Christopher Saalfeld (Dieter Bach) Rosalie Engel (Natalie Alison) e Michael Niederbuehl (Erich Altenkopf)! In the next Italian episodes out love storm In fact, the beautiful bartender at the Fürstenhof is about to make a decision that will upset her love life. So here’s what’s going to happen in the upcoming episodes of Storm of Love that we’re going to air in Italy network 4!

Love storm, Italian episode preview: Christoph makes Rosalie an offer

Christoph and Rosalie celebrate, ARD love storm (screenshot)Christoph and Rosalie celebrate, ARD love storm (screenshot)

Several weeks have passed since the unexpected kiss Christopher Saalfeld and Rosalie Engel. Not for that, however, this plot is exhausted … indeed! After a relatively quiet period, the hotelier actually went on the offensive again a few days ago, proving that he’s willing to do anything to win over the beautiful bartender. And it’s getting harder and harder for her to reject his advances…

After accidentally joining the team at the pétanque tournament at the Fürstenhof, Christoph and Rosalie actually spend a lot of time together and become more and more dangerously close.

And so Saalfeld will go all out and try to speed things up, making his beloved a decidedly tempting offer: he will forgive all his debts if she spends a whole weekend with him in Paris! And now?

Spoiler love storm, Italian news: Rosalie and Christoph go to Paris together

Rosalie and Christoph, Storm of Love © ARD (Screenshot) (1)Rosalie and Christoph, Storm of Love © ARD (Screenshot)

Surprised by this completely unexpected offer, Engel will find the strength to refuse: she loves Michael and has no intention of jeopardizing their relationship for just a few thousand euros. However, his conviction will falter very soon…

In fact, shortly afterwards, the woman realizes that she has financial problems because of Café Liebling: Debt relief at Saalfeld would therefore make a lot of sense! And so, albeit reluctantly, Rosalie will tell Christoph that he has decided to go to Paris with him!

In seventh heaven, the hotelier immediately organizes the trip and prepares everything to seduce angels. The latter – who will keep her travel plans a secret from Michael – will instead be confident that she will face the weekend without compromise. But will it really be like this?