Love on the meadow After the hustle and bustle there

“Love on the meadow”: After the hustle and bustle, there is space for love

Postponed by two weeks to have time to cover all traces of the controversial suitor, reality show Love is in the Meadow begins its 11th season this Thursday, and we finally know that the contestant in question is scheduled for a closed broadcast was selected.

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Filming took place this fall. There were only a few animations to be recorded and the feat of going on air in early January was done, but the airing of the portraits of the aspiring admirers caused a stir.

Allegations by netizens on the show’s Facebook page against an aspiring suitor (harassment and aggressive interactions) forced the production to remake its final version, erasing all traces of its passage through the Meadows.

“It’s a pretty easy decision,” said the show’s producer, Ginette Gauthier, during an interview she gave to agency QMI.

Since the show has not yet aired, the admirer, who, according to the first two episodes to which the QMI agency had access, had also visited the farmer’s wife Anne-Sophie, 24, could be removed from the screen Municipal Council of Neuville, in near Quebec. And that, of course, without pawning the rest of the adventure, distorting the essence of the show, or even causing an “OD”-like uproar after the bully trio leaves.

“We had the option to pull it, so we just pulled it,” the producer said, without wanting to elaborate on the controversy, still adding that it was a joint decision with the broadcast crew.

“The story of Anne-Sophie is so different that you don’t have to talk about it anymore. We love our contestants and suitors, and the overall DNA of “Love is In the Meadow” is a far cry from what could happen on other “dating shows,” the producer stated. The benevolence and genuine commitment of the participants in this reality show are still very noticeable even after 11 years, she recalled. “We have wonderful candidates this year, we have beautiful love stories to tell and that is what guides our decisions.”

In addition to this notch in a journey experienced by three instead of four (as will be the case with other farmers), we promise that the story of Anne Sophie will have a happy ending. The agency QMI also found out that couples had actually formed this season, which also promises to be rich in twists and “French”.

Obviously, with health rules being less restrictive this year, fans of the show can expect reconciliations — much less controlled and timed than the previous two seasons — in the barn or near the haystacks.

First episodes

This Thursday, Katherine Levac is meeting the five farmers, surrounded by their families, for the traditional letter delivery, which will be a little different. Group talks allow you to get to know the farmers better and learn a little more about what they are looking for. The host also takes stock of the couples who have made progress on their projects together or who, like Denis and Nancy, have split up over the year.

It will be necessary to wait for the February 2 episode to take part in the “speed dating”, where the first twists will already be noticed. Alongside the story of Anne-Sophie taking place without one of her suitors, another farmer will see an aspiring suitor retire from the adventure immediately after her appointment at the stately home of the Lordship of Aulnaies.

While the 30th baby in the Love in the Meadow story is due in March, more pregnancies will be announced shortly. Season 11 begins this Thursday at 8 p.m. on Noovo.

Space for women in agriculture

“Love lies in the meadow” focuses for the first time on two farmers in the same season. The show also set a new record for female registrations during its recruitment, following the departure of farmer Marika last year.

In agriculture, women are just as present as men, just as involved as men and exposed to the same challenges. “We see that the picture of agriculture is gradually changing. In the days of our grandmothers, peasant women were very present in the smooth running of a farm, today they are entrepreneurs, take part in community life, are managers and take up more space,” emphasizes Ginette Gauthier, the producer of “Love is on the Meadow”.

“It was important for us to show this reality. We have five candidates a year, we cannot have all of Quebec’s social diversity, but we always try to place the quality and candidates that come to us,” she added.