Louro Mane wins tribute and Ana Maria Braga melts quotHeart

Louro Mané wins tribute and Ana Maria Braga melts: "Heart almost stopped" On the screen

THAT Louro Mane received such a baptism of fire this Sunday (22) when he left the comfort of Mais Você to take part in Domingão with Huck, along with Ana Maria Braga, who became a judge of Dança dos Famosos this week. The newcomer to the Globo morning show won tributes and even some sort of fake confidential file that made him cry on stage and was praised by his grandmother.

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As soon as Domingão started, Luciano Huck insisted he would have Ana Maria and Louro Mané, but he warned the character that someone wanted to welcome him to Globo since Louro José’s son had recently joined as part of More You.

At this point one of the Fantástico horses appeared, that of Corinthians, who took the opportunity to pay homage. “Speaking of Mané, how are you, brother? Welcome to your new home, here you will enjoy your life like never before. Even more so you who are used to doing odd jobs,” he joked.

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Ana Maria praises Louro Mané

Louro Mané wins tribute and Ana Maria Braga melts:\

Shortly thereafter, Luciano Huck returned to the studio and Louro Mané was touched and thanked the moderator for the honor. “I love the Fantástico horses,” he said. Shortly thereafter, the moderator questioned Ana Maria. “It must be a mixed bag of feelings to have a scene partner again,” he commented.

“It’s very good. When we first met, the heart almost stopped missing, love and a lot of hope. Behind Louro, this puppy proves more and more to be an artist and a human being, showing himself at his best Quality”, concluded and received applause.

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