Louis Chauvel: “Beyond inflation, the slow impoverishment of the middle classes”

Louis Chauvel: “Beyond inflation, the slow impoverishment of the middle classes”

By Martin Bernier

Posted 2 hours ago, Updated 2 hours ago

“The convergence of Macronism and retired voting is above all the distortion effects between the real world and the electoral world: because of a misunderstanding, it worked,” said Louis Chauvel. LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP

MAINTENANCE – For the sociologist, known for his work on the decline of the middle class, a purchasing power law cannot be enough to stem the impoverishment of French society.

Louis Chauvel is a professor at the University of Luxembourg and has notably published The Destiny of Generations (PUF, 2014), The Drifting Middle Classes (Seuil, 2006) and The Spiral of Downgrading. Essay on the Society of Illusions (Seuil, 2016).

LE FIGARO. – Parliament has just passed a law on purchasing power. Beyond the cyclical causes of inflation, should we see it as a symptom of the impoverishment of French society?

Louis Chauvel. – Expecting legislation to counteract the near-oceanic effects of shifting global monetary masses is like building a dam across the Pacific. A law can temporarily contain the violent effects of brutal price distortions, partially reindexing fixed incomes or handing out generous but timely checks to keep troubled populations’ budgets busy. But she cannot break the spiral of poverty that no longer affects only the humblest…

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