Loss and uproar: Jojo Todynho mourns his manager and vents on social media

Loss and uproar: Jojo Todynho mourns his manager and vents on social media

Jojo Todynho used his social networks to commemorate his manager Tati Diniz (17), who died this Wednesday. The artist moved fans by sharing a recording of one of the last times she visited her colleague in hospital.

In the shared video, the artist thinks of a bouquet of sunflowers for the businesswoman who made her career. In addition, Jojo also wrote an emotional message after the loss.

“I’m here without asking myself why we were so in love with each other in my life, you loved me so much, I’m so proud of you, for your claw, the strength to fight until you can’t take it , I love you so much, it’s selfish on my part to have you here, but it’s very hard to accept your departure, my god, what a sadness that grips my heart,” said the singer.

The artist also explained that her friend is missing, adding to her tears over her departure. “I cry with nostalgia and emptiness that I will miss your smile, your advice and your presence. May God grant you eternal rest.”

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Departure from Tati Diniz

Businesswoman Tati Diniz died this Wednesday (17th) at the age of just 44 after failing to withstand the serious complications of a rare cancer. She has guided the careers of several famous artists, including comedian and presenter Tata Werneck and presenters Thiago Oliveira, Rafa Brites and Paloma Tocci.

While she was hospitalized to treat the disease, the businesswoman received visits from friends and celebrities. The professional’s death became public via the social networks of Tati Diniz’s family. She also left behind Gabriel, a 15yearold son.

Aside from directing Jojo Todynho’s career, they both had a mutual affection and were good friends.