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Los Angeles, another shooting in the city: 3 dead and 4 seriously injured in Beverly Crest, what happened

Another shooting in Los Angeles, in the Beverly Crest neighborhood, a stone’s throw from Beverly Hills: 3 people are dead while 4 are injured

Posted on: 2023-01-28 19:37

Roberto Vivaldelli


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Three people were killed and four injured in a shooting on Saturday, January 28 in the city of Los Angeles, in the Beverly Crest neighborhood, a neighborhood outside of Beverly Hills.

Another shooting in the United States

The Los Angeles Police Department, reports Cbs News, responded to a call saying so “An Attack with a Deadly Weapon”. When officers arrived at the scene They found several people on the ground with gunshot wounds.

Three of them They were pronounced dead at the sceneso the police.

Four injured, two seriously

Four people were injured in the Beverly Crest shooting. Two managed to drive to a medical center on their own, while the other two, more serious, were taken to hospital by paramedics for the injuries they sustained.

In a news conference on Saturday morning, January 28, Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Bruce Borihanh said the suspect was unknown and at largebut via is not believed to pose an additional threat to the population.

investigations are ongoing

The investigations are ongoing. Homicide investigators They question neighbors and look for surveillance footage to track down the killer.

CaliforniaAnother shooting in the United States

During the press conference, Sergeant Bruce Borihanh explained that the shooting took place in front of a rented house. Couldn’t confirm whether there was any meeting or celebration at that time.

The bodies of the three deceased They were found in a car. This is the “fourth mass shooting in California this month alone,” notes CNN.

All of this comes amid protests across the United States over the death of 29-year-old African American Tire Nichols, who died on January 7 after a scuffle with American forces.

News arrived from the United States last January 7th of another serious case of armed violence in schools, made particularly dramatic by the fact that the protagonist was a 6 year old boy. it would have shot one of his teachers and not by accident.