Lory Del Santo and the surgery that can’t wait any longer.  The Personal Story

Lory Del Santo and the surgery that can’t wait any longer. The Personal Story

Lory Del Santo decided to talk about herself during an interview and to undress, these last few months have seen her on the island of the famous and everything has not been easy for her, moreover she also tells about this operation that will no longer be can be postponed.

One of the women who has always talked a lot about her over the years is real Lory Del Santo, actress, showgirl, director, photographer, in short an all-round artist who had decided in recent years to step away from the limelight a bit and live a more low-key life until he decided to do so Join the latest edition of The Island of the Famousconducted by Ilary Balsy.

Lory Del Santo

Del Santo has therefore decided to return to the game sixteen years after her previous participation in the famous reality show, where she won the 2005 edition.

Obviously with the new participation in the program that sees the location in Honduras, We have returned to talk about her and many spotlights are on her lifeshe was recently interviewed by the radio show It will not happen againmoderated by Giada Di Miceli where she talked about her future projects, personal life and survival reality experience.

This final experience for Lory Del Santo on the island of the famous it wasn’t exactly rosyHe brought her a lot of trouble, especially from some competitors where she continues to have the poisoned tooth and during the chat she decides to do it Remove some pebbles from your shoe.

Lory Del Santo

Lory shares how she thought she had friends who turned out to be defectors: “I thought I had friends like Clemente, Laura. I thought that since we first met each other we created a climate of trust, but no. It was enough for Nicolas Vaporidis entrusted to me some unfounded suspicion, some negative voice, to create an insurmountable barrier”.

Lory Del Santo admits: “He turned me against everyone”

Here’s how Del Santo explains her truth straight out of her teeth: “It was he (Nicolas Vaporidis) who started those rumours, he said I said things against her. He made an agreement with Carmen and the Tavassi not to vote among them. I told him that the other couples wanted to agree and vote for him. he said it that was enough to set me against everyone”.

A situation that cost her dearly on the island and she didn’t enjoy that, but even returning to the woman’s private life, there are some awkward situations to resolve, such as a short-term surgery.

Lory Del Santo

In Naples for the operation

During the interview, Del Santo kept revealing another very private situation in his life as a couplereveals that his partner Marco Cucolo, also a former castaway, must be operated in Naples to remove gallstones: “He is in Naples, he needs an operation. We are separated now, but then he will come to me when the timing of the operation allows.