Lory Del Santo and the Death of Conor, Eric Clapton’s Son: “Two Seconds Earlier It Wouldn’t Be…      .”

Lory Del Santo and the Death of Conor, Eric Clapton’s Son: “Two Seconds Earlier It Wouldn’t Be… .”

Destiny consists of seconds. It wouldn’t have happened two seconds ago. Who knows how many times nothing happened for two seconds and I might have survived. Now I keep thinking: They are still here. If not, you fall into a depression and never get out. It’s like being buried alive, they throw the earth at you with a shovel and you see everything, but when they’re gone you can free yourself with a finger. I see this picture all the time. I see that despite everything, I’m pulling my fingers out and surviving. Lory del Santo In an interview granted to Corriere, she is told everything from the love affairs with men who are also in power to the various tragedies that have befallen her over the years. One of them is surely Conor’s death, The son was Eric Clapton’s and tragically passed away at the age of 5. But the showgirl has children lost 3: In addition to Conor also Loren, who took his own life at 19, and that of tennis player Richard Krajicek: “He was born in Milan, premature but perfect, he died of an infection in two weeks”.

Lory Del Santo She has known pain since childhood. His first memory is linked to the death of his father: “My father in the coffin. The only memory I have of him. I couldn’t explain why he slept in a bed that wasn’t his. I was three and a half years old. The second memory is my mother, who didn’t understand me. How many memories can you have? Mine are all from my mother, who didn’t understand me. He never trusted me, he didn’t believe me his whole life.

Showgirl, 63, is here today associated with Marco Cucoloof which he says: “nohe doesn’t know what to do with himself, I know, but that’s okay. Recently, after Island of the Famous, we reviewed the relationship, I told him never let me hear the phrase “I didn’t make a career because of you”, You can do whatever you want. And he: But I’m so happy.”

The showgirl’s many accomplishments include Donald Trump, although he admits “I missed the opportunity,” George Harrison and Dodi Al Fayed. “It was the summer before Diana. I met him at the Byblos in Saint Tropez,” he says of the latter. “We spent a long weekend together. He even introduced me to his father. I went to her hotel in Paris, the Ritz, but I was more concerned with my work: I took these stories as adventures that enriched my life. To Stavros Niarchos I said no: I understood that I would be a whim.