Lorella Cuccarini perfect figure at the age of 57 The

Lorella Cuccarini, perfect figure at the age of 57. The secret? Calisthenics Diet and Method

1 / 7 : Lorella Cuccarini, the last of the showgirls

Lorella Cuccarini was one of the great confirmations of Sanremo 2023: a versatile entertainment professional, able to switch from singing to dancing (and both at the same time) in different performances. He still proves this today as a teacher in the program Amici di Maria De Filippi and in his theater performances. However, the duet with rapper Olly on the notes of “Una notte vola”, one of the most authentic moments of the festival, is on everyone’s lips. Litmus test, the enthusiasm of viewers of all ages, because Lorella reminded millennials and boomers of one of the songs that defined the diversity of the 80s and 90s. And to show Generations Z and X how contemporary this elegant way of appearing can be. It was a chance for everyone to see her (again) in a performance full of energy. And that, to put it bluntly, despite the passage of time. We, the ones over time, want to emphasize it, because at 57 years old – the Roman showgirl was born on August 10, 1965 and is a mother of four children – she retains an enviable energy. “Cuccarini is on form,” commented Gianni Morandi in astonishment, addressing Amadeus at the end of the performance on the Ariston stage. How does it work? With a mix of diet and ad hoc training.
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