Lorella Cuccarini On Show Amnesia Running to the ER

Lorella Cuccarini, On Show Amnesia: Running to the ER | e’s what happened Lineadiretta24

Amnesia Lorella CuccariniAmnesia Lorella Cuccarini – Lineadiretta24.it

The famous Roman dancer suffered severe amnesia during one of her shows. But what exactly happened?

Lorella Cuccarini is undoubtedly one of the most famous presenters and dancers on the Italian scene. His charisma and sparkling character have made him fall in love with millions of Italians who follow each of his new adventures in person and on TV.

In fact, the singer of The nightflies is very active on social media where it matters 670,000 followers. Quite an achievement for a celebrity of his caliber. And especially on Instagram, Lorella delights us with funny pictures in addition to the beautiful outfits that she regularly shows off.

The amnesia of Lorella Cuccarini

The career of the showgirl, born in 1965, begins in the late 70’s when he makes his big television debut on the show Ma che sera. It wasn’t long before Cuccarini was noticed by one of the most famous Italian conductors on the small screen, Pippo Baudo, who wanted her on his Fantastico show.

Amnesia Lorella CuccariniAmnesia Lorella Cuccarini – Lineadiretta24.it

In the meantime he also devoted himself to his great passion, music and 1987 releases his first album, Lore. Two years later, however, one of their most successful songs was released, Night flies, which became the theme song of the Odiens programme, a Canale 5 show. will remain for two consecutive years. A short time later he collaborates with Baudo and conducts the Sanremo Festival.

In the same year he released his second album, but after conducting several programs in 2004, he decided to take a break. But 4 years later he makes his big comeback with La sai l’ultima, that when the show doesn’t get the share it wants. He later turned to theater and made his debut as a judge on TV’s most popular talent show, friendswhere she will return in 2020 as a dance teacher and the following year as a singing teacher.

Cuccarini has repeatedly thanked Maria De Filippi for this great opportunity that was offered to her. In fact, the offer to join the school has arrived at a time of great discouragement and weariness for a sector in which Lorella herself has confessed that she can no longer be found.

Throughout her career, the presenter has seen all colors and recently narrated an episode in which she was directly involved. In fact, Lorella confessed to suffering from severe amnesia during one show, a horrifying experience she herself recounts as follows: “Once they didn’t catch me in an air trap… I made this squirt upside down… I didn’t remember what I had done. I went to the hospital to be checked out.”

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