Lorella Cuccarini, have you ever seen her house?  A real gem

Lorella Cuccarini, have you ever seen her house? A real gem

Here lives the mother hen, or rather Lorella Cuccarini. The teacher of Amici di Maria De Filippi has a dream house.

Her curriculum includes numerous dance and singing experiences. That’s why Lorella Cuccarini, after joining the Amici program as a dance teacher, replaced her accomplice Arisa on the vocal bench last year. However, this year saw the very welcome return of the Sincerità singer and many feared that Lorella was unconfirmed or even sent her back to the dance floor like a ping pong ball. To tell the truth, there was a lot of news this year. The now historic Prof. Anna Pettinelli and her colleague Veronica Peparini have left the program. Lorella is still a singing teacher, while Peparini will be replaced by another very welcome return, Emanuel Lo.

Lorella Cuccarini ready for a new edition of Amici. Have you ever seen his dream house?

Lorella is excited about this new chapter in her life at Amici. He thinks there’s nothing better than being able to pass on some of the tips he’s learned throughout his career between dancing and singing to young talent. Ready for a new issue, the mother hen moniker has been reconfirmed. The relationship Lorella forms with her children is truly special. Tough and strict when necessary, but always ready to defend and support her in the most critical moments of her artistic career. Lorella doesn’t even have to go too far from home to take part in the program.

Lorella Cuccarini have you ever seen her house A real

In fact, the beautiful Cuccarini lives in Rome, in a very quiet area, in a villa that rises on three levels. The garden where he often records his Instagram stories is huge; Trees, bushes and flowers form a natural barrier at the edge of Lorella’s property, giving the showgirl some privacy. His two pets often roam the garden, a cat named Miura and German shepherd Percy, the undisputed king of the green spaces. For the interior, he opted instead for the wood paneling that covers both the ceiling and the floor, creating a warm and welcoming space. Large windows make the house very bright. A jewel of the Cuccarini house? The home gym overlooking the garden. Lorella has an amazing physique and doesn’t need to go to public gyms when she feels like working out.

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