Loredana Lecciso soon grandmother: “A traditional family for Brigitta”

Loredana Lecciso soon grandmother: “A traditional family for Brigitta”


The historical partner of Albano Carrisi has reached the milestone of 50 years and there are many innovations in her private and professional future

Loredana Lecciso soon grandmother A traditional family for Brigitta

Published on August 17, 2022

The family of Loredana Lecciso it is ready to expand. In an interview with Novella 2000, the partner of Albano Carrisi confirmed the upcoming wedding of daughter BridgetShe got it from her ex-husband Fabio Cazzato. The girl commutes between Italy and Kenya, where her partner Yan lives. A good guy who Lecciso likes a lot.

That Wedding of Brigitta Cazzato – as mother Loredana Lecciso explained to Roberto Alessi’s magazine, they will take place in late autumn with a civil marriage. We have to wait until summer 2023 for the religious rite. A great event that promises to be really exciting for the blonde Soubrette.

About the Loredana Lecciso he declared:

“I wish my daughter a beautiful life, as straight as possible. A traditional family that can last as long as possible “

Loredana Lecciso has never hidden the fact that she is a fan of hers traditional family. Knowing the reality of the expanded well, he knows how much sacrifice and compromise it requires. Fortunately, over time, the beautiful Apulian managed to establish a very strong and solid balance, especially with Albano.

However, after twenty years together with the Cellino San Marco singer, Lecciso still hasn’t managed to bond with him Romina Power while relations with Albano’s children, Christel Above all, they were not always idyllic. Loredana returns to Brigitta and can’t wait to become a grandmother:

“At the moment Brigitta is not waiting, but I would like to be a grandmother, I would work hard and it would be a great pleasure”

New job for Loredana Lecciso

Waiting to hold a grandchild or granddaughter in her arms, Loredana Lecciso is back work as a journalist. Re-enrolled in the Order of her region, Apulia, she is looking for new and exciting collaborations. The 50-year-old wants to tell about her country as she once did before meeting Albano.

And the entertainment world? Not a reality show or fun ballet, but in the future Loredana could be pursuing a deeper and more interesting role on the small screen. A role better suited to the woman she has become today after so many years of juggling gossip, criticism and gossip.

there new Loredana Lecciso she is more discreet and reserved than ever. Gone are the days of phone calls live on TV with Albano. Now Lory has understood what is really important in her life and has decided to preserve it and protect it in the best possible way.