Loredana Lecciso: ‘Painful Divorce’, the searing revelation of the inevitable end

Loredana Lecciso: ‘Painful Divorce’, the searing revelation of the inevitable end

Just now, during an in-depth interview, Loredana Lecciso has decided to publish some burning statements about marriage.

Among the most talked about showgirls in the world of entertainment in our country, it is impossible not to mention Loredana Lecciso, although her career has not been appreciated very much, which made her appear pink on the covers of all news magazines for decades the turbulent relationship with one of the most renowned singers of the Italian music scene, Albano Carrisi.

Loredana Lecciso

The love story with the singer of Cellino San Marco, moving between drama and passion for more than 22 years, has always divided public opinion, there are those who loved the couple madly immediately and who could never digest that Albano had not found love with Romina Powera still very hot topic that can ignite the mood of all fans of the two.

Although they have shown over the years that theirs is a resisting couple even the most complicated and darkest times a relationship can go throughthere are still outstanding issues that the same Loredana has chosen to confess with an open heart during an extensive interview with the weekly newspaper Nuovo.

Among the many criticisms that fans of the Albano Lecciso couple can’t stomach is why after so many more years have not decided to take the plunge and get married, As soon as she enters this discourse, Loredana makes a revelation that has left everyone speechless.

Loredana Lecciso, a tormented story with Albano

Although Loredana Lecciso and Albano Carrisi have been living a long love story for over twenty years, between the two there were phases of deep crises, which they have overcome with time and the strong passion that binds them together, also their story has always been heavily criticized for the sensational age difference between them, it’s 30 years difference.

But still, they managed to get over all the gossip that separated them for that very reason. Their story starts out in a simple way, not love at first sight, they know each other while not going to school to pick up their respective children, there is a strong understanding between them that over time turns into love, which also resulted in two children.

However, over time there was the moments of a strong crisis and in an interview recently published by LoredanaThe woman tells of a situation that doesn’t give fans much hope.

Loredana Lecciso

Albano. The inevitable divorce

As everyone knows, Albano Carrisi was married to Romina Power and after her he firmly decided to do it not wanting to marry anyone else, the same statements that leave no doubt about the question: “Marry again? I already did that. One marriage in life is enough. The marriage was beautiful, but then came the painful divorce.

An admission that leaves Lecciso little hope of marrying the famous singer, a subject he initially did not accept, In fact, she admits: “A few years ago I missed marriage”, only over time she accepted this choice and now, on the contrary, she completely agrees with her partner, declaring that she does not need a ceremony to be united to be.

Loredana Lecciso

Anyone who hoped for a marriage between the two will have to accept that Their relationship is solid and strong, after the dramatic divorce from Albano there will never be a marriage again.