Loredana Lecciso leaves everyone speechless: ”  e is the truth about Romina Power”

Loredana Lecciso leaves everyone speechless: ” e is the truth about Romina Power”

After years of silence, Loredana Lecciso returns to talk about the relationship with Romina Power and Al Bano.

The triangle formed for decades Loredana Lecciso, Romina Power and Al Bano continue discussing. That Karrisi tries to keep the extended family as united as possible while the current partner opens up and reveals something new about her rival.

Loredana Lecci surprises at Romina Power

there Karris family It is decidedly complicated, an extended family bound by mutual affection but also by secrets well kept for years, even in their twenties, which mainly concern the two women of the house: Loredana Lecciso and Romina Power. When Al Bano He left his wife and fell in love with her Leccio there was inevitably a scandal, given the affection the audience felt for the singing couple, and still does today Loredana fights in front of some haters who continue to make completely unfounded accusations.

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Al Bano he repeated it several times, between ups and downs, it is Loredana the woman who holds the keys to her heart and will not allow anyone to answer. It has been rumored for some time that between Romina and Loredana a silent, deadly cold war has broken out, alternating with real acts of defiance, but no one has ever confirmed it. At least not until now. Interview with Nuovo, Leccio She spoke again about Al Bano’s ex-wife:

“The truth about the relationship with Romina? The truth comes out for better or for worse. It’s a matter of time and I’m patient. While at Al Bano everything is fine. We have rediscovered our original dimension. My return to television? If they offered me a program with my daughter, Jasmine, I would accept it immediately and Al Bano would be delighted and cheer for us.

Loredanaafter stressing that he had clarified the relationship with him Al Bano After a small temporary crisis, he soon hinted at a secret Romina Power is revealed and that she may not be the one doing it. Why is?