1667426504 Lore Improta reveals trauma during sex with Leo Santana

Lore Improta reveals trauma during sex with Léo Santana

Lorena Improta Nunes Santana, known artistically as Lore Improta, returned to be among the most talked about names right now. Anyone who accompanies the blonde knows that she always values ​​sharing her everyday life with her admirers. However, the dancer drew attention when she spoke about a very intimate topic involving the singer. Leo Santana.

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For those who have not seen, the artist gave an interview to the Mil e Uma Tretas podcast last Tuesday (01), surprising netizens after making an unusual disclosure involving her husband. The celebrity said she was traumatized after having sex with her partner, but the reason was less obvious than netizens could have imagined.

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According to the dancer, a strong contraction in the sixth month of pregnancy was responsible for her being traumatized. “At six, seven months I have an image in my head of a contraction I had in the middle of sex that was painful, which I didn’t realize was a contraction until after I went into labor giving birth. Until that moment, I didn’t know where that pain came from,” confessed Lore Improta.

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The famous dancer alongside the singer and husband Léo (Photo: reproduction)The famous dancer alongside the singer and husband Léo (Photo: reproduction)

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The dancer said the trauma was so severe that she didn’t have sex for about three months for fear of feeling the pain again. Also according to the digital influencer, Léo Santana was super understanding with his wife’s delicate moment and respected the restrictions.

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“I was traumatized, I said ‘I don’t want sex anymore’. I have traumatized. I was the sixth, seventh, eighth month without [transar]. So he was a great partner in thinking, ‘It’s not her time, I’m not going to force it,'” she concluded.