Longest quarantine recommended for close contact with

Longest quarantine recommended for close contact with smallpox

This group should therefore receive a protective smallpox vaccine in addition to the quarantine recommendation. In particular, contact with pregnant women, children under twelve and people with suppressed immune systems should be avoided, she said.

In Austria, the management of contact persons is being developed, said this Monday at the request of the APA at the Ministry of Health. This will be posted promptly on Monday or the next few days.

About two dozen monkeypox cases have been identified in the UK so far. New ones are likely to be added every day, UKHSA head Susan Hopkins said over the weekend. New numbers are expected to be released on Monday.

There will be no large-scale vaccination campaign, Hopkins said. For ongoing vaccinations, a “third generation” vaccine is being used against smallpox disease in humans, which is believed to be extinct. Experts assume that smallpox vaccines also protect against smallpox. “We use this on people at high risk of developing symptoms and we use it early, mostly within four or five days (…),” the agency head said. This reduces the risk of illness.