Long range weapons promised to Ukraine will not be used against

Long-range weapons promised to Ukraine will not be used against Russian territory

The long-range weapons, which the West promised to deliver to Ukraine, would not be used against Russian territory but only against the occupied territories, Ukraine’s defense minister said on Sunday.

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“We always explain to our partners that we are committed not to use weapons [fournies par les] foreign partners against the territory of Russia, but only against their units in the temporarily occupied territories in Ukraine,” Oleksiï Reznikov explained during a press conference in Kyiv.

In particular, the United States has promised to deliver missiles to Kyiv that could almost double the range of Ukrainian fire and aim deep into Russian supply lines.

However, Westerners fear that Kyiv will use it for attacks on Russian territory, leading to a dangerous escalation of the conflict.

According to Mr. Reznikov, the Russians “have moved their headquarters, command posts, ammunition and fuel depots 100 kilometers [de la ligne de front] so we can’t reach them”.

“It makes the situation difficult for them from a logistical point of view, but still allows them to prepare to move forward,” continued Mr. Reznikov, who again said he expected a large-scale Russian offensive in February.

“All Western weapons will not have time to arrive before then,” but “we have the resources and reserves” to resist, he continued.

In the east, where most of the fighting is taking place, Russian troops have made slight advances in recent weeks, increasing pressure particularly on the town of Bakhmout, the epicenter of the conflict.

Asked about a possible withdrawal from Bakhmout on Sunday, Mr Reznikov assured that the city is still “a fortress, a symbol” but that the ultimate decision rests with Ukraine’s general staff.