1672699210 Long live Rai2 Fiorello is quotan avalanchequot What he did

Long live Rai2, Fiorello is "an avalanche". What he did in a few days


Great success for Fiorello which with Viva Rai2 has surpassed all expectations of the new program in terms of you hear, bringing network sharing to unprecedented levels. TV critics are praising it and VIPs are vying for a spot on the show. A success also recognized by Giancarlo DeAndreis who writes in his column entitled “TV seen from the Internet” in the weekly newspaper Di PiĆ¹ TV: “He hit the mark again avalanche of praise”.

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And to those who criticize Fiorello’s program, De Andreis says: “There are some critical voices, but overall it’s a referendum for Fiorello, who dominates the morning assortment with an average of around seven hundred thousand viewers and a share that fluctuates between 13 and 15 percent”.

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And then we can’t help but underline the fundamental presence of Viva Rai2 Fabrizio Biggio, showman’s shoulder. It is precisely about Biggio that the television critic remarks about him and the program: “News, personalities and guests, including a highly esteemed Fabrizio Biggio. In short, the updated version of his Edicola Fiore conquers the audience”. A perfect tandem.