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Long live Rai 2, Fiorello screams? Kicked off the road: catastrophic scenes


Fiorello in a perfect imitation of amadeus, complete with a sparkling tuxedo and with a powerful and screaming tone, announces the singers in competition at this year’s Sanremo Festival on Viva Rai2! on. An exhilarating scene, however, which leaves the showman overwhelmed by the protests of a man from the apartment building near the Glass (transparent box in front of Radio Rai’s historic headquarters in via Asiago 10) who were awakened at dawn by the long list in stentorian voices. “Darling, it’s your fault we had to escape today by taking all of Ariston with us – jokes the showman in the episode – 28 names is too many! We apologized to our neighbor but that’s your tone, it’s not my fault.”

Morandi, the photo in Sanremo unleashes the storm: behind him... |  Appearance

Another very rich episode, in which the artist touched on many current issues, as always told in an original and amusing way: about the short film’s Oscar nomination Alice Rohrwacher (“Rohrwacher’s short lasts as long as the pronunciation of the surname”), to the robbery of Fiorello himself by Guè Pequeno, shown in the series “Coming Soon Nowhere”. And again the expensive petrol cars with the video by Gabriele Vagnato playing the petrol car that has now become a famous character (“I present on TV and an agent, I will be free in July 2024”) and Pizzini Matthew Messina money (“We found Article 1 of the Mafia Statute, and it says ‘Cosa Nostra is a dictatorship founded on the labor of drug dealers, sovereignty belongs to the godfather, who exercises it as he pleases***”) .

Lightning strike.  We were on the train and...: Alba Parietti, the confession about Fabio Adami

There is also the good news of the day: For the first time in Italy, a father is donating knee bands to his son (“I hope my daughter never needs them because I left her on a soccer field at a National Singers game. with Gianni Morandi, the pulls my arm and says: ‘Come on, you can do this!'”). And then politics with the attack of farmhouse to Conte on the top salaries of the 5 stars for holidays in Cortina (“Let’s remember that Casaleggio is not cheese”). The episode then ends with Fiorello announcing that he will have it Vincenzo Mollica Guest of the episode on Friday the 27th on his 70th birthday.