London police officer confesses to dozens of rapes

London police officer confesses to dozens of rapes

These acts were allegedly committed between 2004 and 2020. Prior to his time in the police force, the man had served in the military. Only in the fall of 2021 was he relieved of his duties after complaints.


Chief investigator Ian Moor said the large number of offenses – 49 in all – showed the man’s “callous nature”. He approached women through online dating apps like Tinder, but also at social events, and used his position as a police officer to gain confidence.

“He invested time in developing relationships with women to satisfy his need for degradation and control,” Moor said.

The perpetrator repressed his victims “in the most destructive manner”. He forced some of them to clean his house naked or locked them under a ladder at home for hours. “I’ve seen bigger kennels”, described the investigator.