London dog sitter mauled and killed by the dogs he

London, dog sitter mauled and killed by the dogs he was walking. “They looked like a pack of wolves”

His poor remains were found by a couple on horseback: «What we saw will haunt us forever» A few words that, related to the agents, tell of an unprecedented tragedy. Yes, something happened Carterhama town in Surrey of just over 20,000 inhabitants, south of LondonHe left an entire community speechless. But let’s start at the beginning. She is a young woman from London. He is just over 28 years old. Animal lover, probably also to supplement, works as a dog walker. For some time he has been taking care of several four-legged friends of different breeds and sizes, with whom he likes to go for a walk. That’s what happened last Thursday when she was spotted on a leash with eight animals in View Point, a well-known dog-frequented area. Everything seems to be going as usual. Despite the different breeds, among the eight there is actually a Leonberger and two dachshunds, the afternoon becomes almost evening. Then, as the police will reconstruct, the unthinkable suddenly happens. One of his dogs actually pounces on one of the young woman’s colleagues and bites him. The girl immediately intervenes to stop the attack.


The attack

It’s mayhem. In fact, the young woman is inexplicably attacked by her own dogs, who pounce on her and start biting her with an unprecedented fury. “They looked like a pack of wolves,” a still-shocked witness later told investigators. The attack continues. So much so that the poor victim soon succumbs. Then, just as it began, it all ends. With the dogs in charge in hiding and the silence shattered by the screams of the rescuers. Only difference, the young woman, or what’s left of her, is gone. Already dead, the paramedics are left with no choice but to recover their poor remains and wonder, “What could have triggered such a horrific attack?”. Nobody knows. Not even the recovery of the missing dogs, later identified thanks to a helicopter and now kept in the shelter, does not seem to have given any answers or clues in this regard.

the hypothesis

So? Richard Bream, manager of a local animal shelter, said he had never heard of a dog attack in the area before. “The lookout, he pointed out, is an area typically visited by dogs with their masters or companions, and even trainers.” Is that why? In between formulated hypothesesShe, who is now being examined by investigators who would see a sudden change in attitude between the dogs and the young woman. The girl’s intervention to save the person attacked by one of her dogs would have triggered something that is not very understandable for humans. A sort of unexpected role reversal, charged by the energy unleashed by the attack itself. While the investigation continues, the theater section of the drama has been reopened to the public, as documented by the images released by SWNS, which we are proposing following the usual polls. A sign, the latter, intended to cheer up an entire community shocked by what happened to the poor girl. “Following the tragic accident which claimed the life of a young woman, Inspector Josephine Horner commented to local newspapers that we would like to extend our thanks to the family and friends who have asked for their pain and privacy to be respected at this sad time to express closeness.”