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Lollobrigida, Anger Signorini: "It hadn’t been buried yet, and…"

  Alfonso Signorini

Speaking of death Gina Lollobrigida, Alfonso Signorini he indulged in a bitter outburst in an editorial in the weekly Chi, which he edits. The reporter explained that there was a real one “vanity competition” a rather sad fact. He then lashed out at colleagues, writing: “Thinking of the death of Gina Lollobrigida, which has become a showcase for the usual familiar faces who have struggled to be remembered how much they were friends of the loved one who died were a flood of photographs attesting to a boastful friendship, filled with anecdotes which, for obvious reasons, could never be denied by the person concerned”.

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“Poor Lollobrigida – continued Signorini – she had not yet been buried in his Subiaco that hours of live television was wasted talking about his legacy, which was disputed between snake relatives and nonexistent husbands. Nobody, and I mean nobody, remembered her extraordinary career.” In short, according to the journalist, Lollobrigida deserved a different kind of treatment: she should have been celebrated for her artistic career and nothing more.

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In conclusion, Signorini added: “Step aside, ladies, and let only his art do the talking.” However, the conductor of the GfVip referred to his colleagues. He didn’t name names mentioned a specific character.

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