Lolita Lobosco, Tour of Fictional Places in Bari and Surroundings: Reservations from All Over Italy       del Mezzogiorno

Lolita Lobosco, Tour of Fictional Places in Bari and Surroundings: Reservations from All Over Italy del Mezzogiorno

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Noon, January 17, 2023 – 11:16

After the rating boom for the second series, many bookings are arriving at Bari travel agencies for the “Lolita Lobosco Tour”.

by Nicol Delvecchio

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The success of the Rai1 fiction Lolita Lobosco’s investigations continue to make the people of Bari happy. And not only because the series brought the city into the homes of millions of Italians (the January 15 episodes recorded a 28.2% share of over 5 million viewers), but also because it increased its popularity and has contributed to making it a particularly popular tourist destination among Italian and foreign tourists. So much so that in some travel agencies Lolita Lobosco Tours was born, touching on the points immortalized by the series starring Luisa Ranieri.

Decaro: Already 40 bookings for the Lolita tour

icon fakeThis was announced by the mayor Antonio Decaro in the last episode of the program “Chiama Decaro” on Telebari: A person I know who runs a travel agency told me that 40 people had already booked. These are tourists who come from all over Italy to be a great promotional tool for the city. For her also a signature with Gabriella Genisi, author of the yellow novels on which the series is based.

The locations of the set

The series, whose main setting is the city of Bari, offers beautiful glimpses of the historic center from the building, from its two main churches (the Basilica of San Nicola and the Cathedral of San Sabino) to the Norman-Swabian Castle in Piazza dell’ Odegitria, where the Protagonist lives on the seafront, up to the beach of Pane e pomodoro. But many scenes were also filmed in the province, from the historic center to the beaches of Monopoli in Conversano, from the small ports of Mola di Bari and Polignano a Mare to the hamlet of Pezze di Greco in Fasano. A commercial for Puglia that takes the breath away of millions of viewers week after week.

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January 17, 2023 | 11:16