Lolita Lobosco 2 advances the third installment: Crisis for Lolita    Contra  Ataque

Lolita Lobosco 2 advances the third installment: Crisis for Lolita Contra Ataque

Lolita Lobosco 2 advances the third installment: Crisis for Lolita

The progress of Lolita Lobosco 2, third episode Viva gli sposi of January 22nd: Lolita and Danilo in crisis, to the delight of Angelo

The tremendous success of Lolita Lobosco 2 with Luisa Ranieri continues and will be back on the air on January 22nd with the third installment of the Rai fiction entitled Viva gli sposi. A season that promises to reveal important details about the delicate case of Lolita’s father’s death, who continues to investigate. However, in the next few episodes he has to focus on his private life, which is full of obstacles, starting with the misunderstandings with Danilo, who made an almost instinctive decision without thinking too much about it. As if that wasn’t enough, Angelo emerges from the past, her first crush, bringing her back with her memory. Sweet letting go of certain memories associated with a time when she was happy and not gripped by the sorrow of her father’s violent death. However, this meeting could be hiding more than she can imagine. Is Angelo’s return after 20 years really a coincidence?

Progress in the third installment of Lobosco 2 shows Lolita growing closer to the truth about her father’s dramatic death. A murder that continues to haunt her, but which she must put aside to deal with an unusual and tragic case of a teacher at an exclusive high school being killed during a colleague’s wedding party. Everything seems resolved, the investigation into the woman’s personal and professional life, but then the disappearance of a student from the same high school opens up the investigation and offers a chilling glimpse of the facts. On the private front, according to the progress of the third installment of Lolita Lobosco 2, the character of Luisa Ranieri begins to have difficulties with Danilo due to a lifestyle choice made by the boy. He turns to Marietta for advice, but also has to deal with his old love Angelo Spatafora, who wants to get closer to her and regain her trust.

Summary of the second episode of Lolita Lobosco 2

On Sunday, January 15th, the second episode of Lolita Lobosco 2 entitled “The Poisoned Imposter” aired, in which the protagonist investigates a case that worries her a lot. A writer has been killed at the B&B run by Nunzia and Carmela and the focus is on the food he was served. In fact, he seems to have died from botox poisoning caused by Nunzia’s dishes. The latter is investigated but exonerated thanks to toxicological analyses, which, given the victim’s turbulent life, allows for more complex investigations with numerous potential killers. However, things get complicated for Lolita Lobosco with the arrival in town of Angelo Spatafora, the protagonist’s first love, whom she hasn’t seen in over 20 years. Finding him turns her back into a little girl who thinks back to those feelings at a delicate moment in her relationship with Danilo.