LOL Who will have the last laugh a hilarious concept

“LOL: Who will have the last laugh?”: a hilarious concept

A show on social networks has been causing a stir for a few days. Streamed on Amazon Prime Video, LOL: Who will have the last laugh?, piloted by Patrick Huard accompanied by ten comic artists, seems to agree with the public. “It’s a really great concept,” says the comedian, who was also happy to take part recently bye.

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“I’m proud of the show, it’s super mainstream,” says Patrick Huard of the Quebec version of the Japanese concept LOL: Last One Laughing, where ten comedians try to make each other laugh for six hours.

Attraction producer Richard Speer was hired by Amazon to create a Quebec-wide adaptation. He first designed Patrick Huard for the animation.

Then came the ten guests: Laurent Paquin, Virginie Fortin, Christine Morency, Arnaud Soly, Yves P. Pelletier, Edith Cochrane, Rachid Badouri, Marie-Lyne Joncas, Richardson Zéphir and Mathieu Dufour.

The result is just hilarious.

“Everyone I know who saw him told me he was laughing, yelling, and had sore cheeks,” says Patrick Huard. Reactions are really fun. I am very happy.”

When approached about animating LOL: Who Laughs Last?, Patrick Huard was unaware of the original concept. But he quickly saw how well the project could work here.

“Although it’s still a competitive environment, the comedians here love each other and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” he said. There is more complicity.”

If Amazon greenlights a second season, Patrick Huard is happy to come back when it fits into his schedule. “I always miss my comedy gang,” he says.

The stress of bye

It is also a very positive experience that the actor has had with the Bye bye 2022.

“Apart from the day of 31 [décembre]! I was out of the world, I was nervous. Anik told me she hadn’t seen me this nervous since maybe Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2.”

He thought it was very special to be the very last project to be filmed in the old Radio Canada Tower.

“It was historic anyway. […] It’s a privilege to be part of the bye bye because there are only five of us on the regular team.

Will he agree to return to the show this year if asked?

“I think so. It was so much fun! I think that the stress, I would live better.

In a few weeks, Patrick Huard and his wife Anik Jean will attend the Ciné Québec event for film professionals, where they will present Anik’s first feature film, Les hommes de ma mère. The release date of the film has not yet been determined.

“I saw the first gathering and it’s good, so touching and bright,” he says. It’s a film about love with a big A. Léane [Labrèche-Dor] is extraordinary, it’s crazy. She is in every scene of the film. I can’t wait for people to see the film. I think the world is really going to have a great time.”

The show LOL: Who will have the last laugh? is available on Amazon Prime Video.