LOL: Who (not) has (not) the last laugh?

LOL: Who (not) has (not) the last laugh?

Christine Morency farts straight into Arnaud Soly’s mouth.

Richardson Zéphir keeps repeating: “I’m a slut, I’m a slut”.

Laurent Paquin singing an entire song whose refrain is “I have a big seed, a big seed host”.

Richardson Zéphir asking Laurent Paquin: “Do you think we will end up cramming? “.

Marie-Lyne Joncas asking her colleagues to make the face they make when they masturbate and when they cum.

Christine Morency complaining of vaginal pain from getting on a bike. Mathieu Dufour advising Christine Morecy to get rid of her bike but not her vagina.

Virginie Fortin, who printed Patrick Huard’s face on “the fork”.

Comedians who speak of their “wave”.

Virginie Fortin, who farts with her farting machine, and Richardson Zéphir and Laurent Paquin, who have to choose between “real” farts and “fake” farts.

Arnaud Soly ‘filling’ a bowl of chips.

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The camps have been set up since the series aired. Those who love, those who hate.

I understand very well the principle who laughs last? : a humorous camera. 10 professional comedians who absolutely need to make others laugh without ever laughing themselves. I understand very well that all shots are allowed, that the bag is the strongest. But couldn’t we have evolved into something else after we got rid of the “pee, shit, hair” jokes?

I have no problem with the gags I listed in my first paragraph, I’m the first to laugh when someone throws a good flatulence joke at me. But it’s the repetition that kills.

It’s not so much the vulgarity of this show that annoys me as the lightness, the lack of originality of the comedians, who nevertheless have great experience in the profession.

We understand that all shots are legal and that using below-the-belt jokes pays off to make people laugh at all costs. But… just that? For six episodes?

Readers have written to tell me: “This is all improvised, these are not scripted acts, practiced for hours in front of an audience, this is not a Just for Laughs gala, it’s normal for it to be less sophisticated. “Oh no. Each of these comedians had a chance to set up an act. And it didn’t fly.

MADONNA, bitch!

Speaking of vulgarity, have you seen the video on Instagram where Madonna announces her world tour? We see Madonna at a table with friends, challenging her.

She tells Amy Schumer to take a round bun and lick it like she’s licking her husband’s “asshole”.

high class.

For the next version of LOL: who has the last laugh? Amazon Prime can invite Madonna to fart and seed jokes

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