Logan Paul, the criticized influencer who shut us up as WWE fighters    Yahoo Sports

Logan Paul, the criticized influencer who shut us up as WWE fighters Yahoo Sports

Logan Paul returns to Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania.  (Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)

Logan Paul returns to Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania. (Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)

loganpaul He silenced all his haters. It wasn’t his fault, except who did it, compadre. In which WWE completed the success he could not achieve in the boxing. He showed he has what it takes to establish himself as one of the world’s future stars American wrestling; even signed contract as a gladiator. Yes, he did it again, he stressed that everything he touches turns to gold.

In straight two fightsthe self proclaimed one loner He leaves no doubt about his talent in the ring. Appeared in wrestlemaniathe most important show of the WWEto compete alongside the mis; together they defeated the legendary Mysterious King and to his son Dominik. in the summer slamanother great annual poster from the promoter, ended his old ally.

“I’m kind of a disruptor. I love viral moments, getting people’s attention. If there were a way to replicate them to connect with an audience that doesn’t typically consume WWE and draw them into the richness of their stories, then they’re going to take it to another level. I would like to make my contribution there. I’m not from the combat world, I’m from the mainstream. I’d like to suggest things that have never been done before,” he said on his Impaulsive podcast.

Paul he improved his technical skills, the product of continued practice on the screen. He looked believable when executing penalties and selling opponent’s moves. His agility and size favored him growing into the air. He tried to adhere to the most important business rule: Use the body to tell a good story about the ring. The stands cheered him on like he’d been in the industry for years.

It’s not just him anymore YouTuber with more than 23 million subscribers who dared to forge a career in the sports entertainmentis now one of the most medial characters in the WWE. Every time he steps in front of the cameras he boasts on his chest most valuable Pokemon card in the world. However, that doesn’t stop him from using the spotlight to fly through the tables with his opponents.

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After his chiaroscuro in a fistfight, who would have thought it loganpaul would be so successful in battle? Not even his most optimistic supporters have predicted such a benign scenario. The reality is that it fits the model like a glove sports and entertainment the company. That World Wrestling Entertainment Enjoy your new piece of jewellery.

Since the burglary of bad rabbit on the WWE, who has never hid his desire to get on the strings, celebrities have shifted the focus of their performances at the Pankration. Both the Puerto Rican singer and influencer were searching appreciate the work of the fighters. Therefore, they were specially trained for their fights. They didn’t want to comply halfway.

“It’s hard to see others doing the same but respect our business for the work we do. I don’t just give my respect away, you have to earn it. You did it, Bad Bunny did too. Because in order to fulfill it, you had to give yourself 100%. It’s not just about going to the gym for a few hours and doing certain moves. It means getting up and going to sleep and thinking about fighting. That’s the big difference for me,” recognized Triple H, former fighter and creative director of the company.

Because of its effect WWE officially added him to their squad in June. He in turn integrated it into the video game WWE2K22. They realize their future is bright and they don’t want to waste it. He’s got the range and charisma but with the right handling it could be his next hit. Even though loganpaul He still keeps his dream of justifying himself in boxing intact wrestling appears as a viable option after its hypothetical retirement from the Internet.


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