Local disturbances caused earthquakes in the province of Costa Rica

Local disturbances caused earthquakes in the province of Costa Rica

The detection of the origin of these tremors was possible thanks to a heat map created by the LIS-UCR, which pointed to the aforementioned fault responsible for the telluric movements that awoke the Carthaginians from 04:43 local time, when the first such natural event occurred.

The LIS-UCR also indicates that this local fault has caused the earthquakes recorded in this area since 2010.

Regarding the earth movements, the National Seismological Network (RSN), part of the UCR, stated that the first had a magnitude of two and an epicenter three kilometers south-east of Tobosi in Guarco de Cartago.

The second continues at 05:03 local time with a magnitude of 3.7 and two kilometers from the same place as the first, while the third took place a minute later with a magnitude of 3.2 and five kilometers from the above location .

A fourth earthquake was reported by RSN-UCR at 05:07 local time with a magnitude of 2.4 and an epicenter at the same location as the previous ones.

For the LIS-UCR – cited by digital news CRHoy.com – the local fault near San Cristóbal de Desamparados is a shallow focus, so the energy is released in a small area but is felt there with greater intensity and accompanied by rumble.

The movement is also short-lived and since these are events of shallow depth and short duration, the population perceives them as a “shock” or as a “blow”, confirms the source and concludes that they are earthquakes the population acts with “weak” perception.

The occurrence of tellurium movements is very common since the country is based on a tectonic fault of the Cocos and Caribbean plates, and there are numerous local faults that motivate these tremors.