1695579036 Local culture tourism and the Huai Opera in China photos

Local culture, tourism and the Huai Opera in China (+photos)

This is the case of Huai Opera, a regional form of traditional Chinese opera that originated in this place in the eastern province of Jiangsu in ancient times, although it also has a large number of practitioners in Shanghai, east of the Asian giant has.

In 2008, it was declared a national intangible cultural heritage, and in 2017, Jianhu County in Yansheng was given the title of “Hometown of Huai Opera in China.”

During a visit to the site, Prensa Latina spoke with specialists who highlighted the importance of developing the concept of ecological tourism, integrating with local culture to create immersive performances.

For lovers of Western opera, this ancient Chinese artistic manifestation is something very special, as the production also has its own special features in addition to the music and singing style.

Local culture tourism and the Huai Opera in China photos

Typically, Huai operas are based on stories, legends or folklore fairy tales during the hour-long performance, with a mix of recitation, singing, traditional music, acrobatics, fight scenes and dance.

Furthermore, Chinese opera in general – and Huai in particular – is characterized by its remarkable costume design: colorful, consisting of many layers of opulent silks, sashes and sleeves, brightly jeweled headdresses, exaggerated makeup and masks.

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Nowadays, this is a new milestone in local cultural tourism and the city is taking measures to protect this heritage.

With more than five thousand years of history, China has numerous manifestations included in the list of intangible cultural heritage, including traditional tea-making techniques, ceremonies with rituals, Hezhen storytelling, Chinese shadow theater and many others.