Livia Brito raises the temperature of the networks by showing

Livia Brito raises the temperature of the networks by showing off her beautiful figure

Cuban actress Livia Brito He kept all eyes on his official accounts by making a series of posts on his Facebook profile. instagram. Both in the famous stories and in the feed, the popular brunette once again conquered her followers with her imposing beauty.

Recently Livia Brito shared a video where you can not only see how beautiful she looks at the moment but also to make a big message to her fans. In the clip, the Cuban actress announced that she will be hosting a sweepstakes so her followers can benefit instagram can earn money and a cell phone.

next to the video Livia Brito He included a caption that reads: “This year 2023 I want you to start the year with all these gifts to win. You just have to follow ALL the accounts you follow!! @glowing_mkt (I myself will check if they are following the steps correctly and I will announce the winners on January 30th).

The second post has to do with a session he did Livia Brito for a well-known brand of sports products. In it, the Ciego de Ávila-born woman can be seen in a sporty outfit consisting of a salmon-colored mini top and dark trousers, emphasizing her perfect figure.

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Livia Brito is the ambassador of this brand of body aesthetic products.

At the moment the followers of Livia Brito They have to wait until they see it on the small screen again. At the moment, fans of the Cuban actress can see her role in the film “Unhappy Ever After”. This film hits Mexican cinemas the day after tomorrow.

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