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Live your emotions to the full | Journal

Back for the third season of fiction With me On, popular YouTuber Rosie is stepping a little more into adult life as she wants to be an actress while also learning that she has a half-sister. And she doesn’t shy away from emotions and experiences these upheavals to the fullest.

“It’s okay to live your emotions,” says his interpreter, Milya Corbeil Gauvreau. We’re stuck all the time with how we’re supposed to look — on social media, it’s always the look — while increasingly she’s trying to say that it’s okay not to always look perfect. It’s a life lesson. And I learn more every day. »

Once again, Rosie’s everyday life is not easy. She faces some difficulties, but Milya Corbeil Gauvreau believes we need to know how to talk about the tough things life throws at us.

“It may be daring, but it’s necessary because it can’t always be beautiful,” she says. Every day I juggle school, friends, love and my passion, it’s the game I’ve had since I was very little. That’s what this series stands for. »

She also believes that teen and young adult series could go further and exploit darker and more confrontational themes.

“Now it is important that we not only make beauty, but also truth. »

fear and family

Thanks to this intense rosie, Milya Corbeil Gauvreau discovered a part of her personality that she didn’t know.

Milja Corbeil

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“She’s one of the characters most like me in the sense that she was the one who made me discover I had an anxiety disorder. As I played it, I thought, “Oh my god, wait, I have that too.” »

However, filming the new episodes with her sister Shanti, who she adores and who inherited her half-sister’s role, never presented any additional stress.

“What excited me even more about Season 3 was being able to shoot with my little sister. It was the first time we were able to shoot together. I was very pleased. And I love everyone I tour with, it’s like my little candy. »

It so happens that some of his fellow players have also appeared in an acclaimed production. Those who enjoyed the Red Bracelets gang on TVA last winter will be pleased to note that Audrey Roger plays Rosie’s best friend, while Étienne Galloy plays her boyfriend.

Favorite TV on YouTube

However, unlike Rosie, Mylia Corbeil Gauvreau never wanted to start her YouTube channel. Recognition on social networks is not what brings him the greatest happiness.

“For me, it’s not the subscribers that matter, it’s the fact that people are watching Quebec TV. That’s what I want most. »

The episodes of the three seasons of the series With me can be viewed at any time All v.