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LIVE LVBP Results: Standings, Pitchers, Schedule and Games for Today January 14th

The Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP) is on fire. Shortly after the end of this second week of round robin, the Caracas lionswho are together with those at the top of the overall ranking La Guaira SharksYou will face it Tigers of Aragua. The sharks, for their part, will be measured by this Cardinals of Lara in Barquisimeto. Check out the latest results, full schedule, pitchers and today’s games from January 14th.

The Sharks of La Guaira are the leaders of the LVBP along with the Leones del Caracas. Check out today’s games and launchers. Photo: Sharks of La Guaira

LVBP Results: Today’s games, January 14

Next we show you today’s games of the LVBP:

Aragua Tigers vs. Caracas Lions4 p.mUniversity of Caracas
Sharks of La Guaira vs. Cardinals of Lara6.30 p.mAntonio Herrera Gutierrez

* Venezuelan time. Remnant Magellan Navigators.

LVBP: Launcher for today’s games

These are the probably pitchers for matches on January 14th:

Aragua Tigers vs. Caracas Lions

  • ARA: Solomon Bates
  • CAR: Carlos Hernandez

Sharks of La Guaira vs. Cardinals of Lara

  • LAG: Nelson Hernandez
  • LAR: Nestor Molina

LVBP: How is round robin scoring going?

At the end of the second week of the round robin, the Guaira Sharks are at the top of the standings next to the Caracas lions. Both teams have the same number of wins (six) and losses (four). In the third field, the Tigers of Araguaduring Magellan Navigators and the Cardinals of Lara They are in the penultimate or last place.

Here’s the LVBP round robin position table, with the Sharks and the Lions at the top. Photo: LVBP

LVBP: Where to watch today’s games LIVE on January 14th?

Remember that you can follow the games minute by minute HERE in the republic. The games are broadcast in the same way RESIDE via the following channels:

  • Aragua Tigers vs. Leones del Caracas: Easy TV, TLV, BeisbolPlay.
  • Sharks of La Guaira vs. Cardinals of Lara: IVC, TLV, BeisbolPlay.

LVBP results for yesterday 13th January

  • Lions of Caracas 3 vs. 13 Sharks of La Guaira
  • Navigators of Magellan 5 vs. 13 Cardinals of Lara

LVBP results for January 12th

  • Tigers of Aragua 7 vs Tigers of Aragua 1 Sharks of La Guaira
  • Lions of Caracas 8 vs. 6 Magellanic Navigators

The Leones del Caracas are reluctant to give up their lead in the LVBP table. Photo: spread

LVBP results for January 11th

  • Cardinals of Lara 6 vs. 7 Tigers of Aragua
  • Sharks of La Guaira 9 vs. 4 Magellan Navigators

What is the LVBP round robin schedule?

The round robin takes place until January 21st in an uninterrupted way. If you don’t want to miss a game, check out the full schedule below:


LVBP Round Robin Schedule 2023. Photo: LVBP


LVBP Round Robin Schedule 2023. Photo: LVBP

LVBP: That was the Lions’ loss to the Sharks

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