LIVE    England  Germany: The English crowned European champions in front of their audience    RMC Sport

LIVE England Germany: The English crowned European champions in front of their audience RMC Sport


It’s over ! Holy English

The English are crowned European champions after overtime after beating the Germans.

two more minutes

The English only have two minutes left in this European Championship final.

Move to England

Hemp gives way and is replaced by Parris.

Nice save from Frohms

Frohms has to push back to the corner after an off-center shot by Russo.

The English five minutes before the coronation

The lionesses are trying to maintain their lead at all costs in order to win the first euro in their history.

New change on the German side

Rauch dodges and is replaced by Lattwein.

Kelly capsizes Wembley!

Unbelievable ! Wembley trembles with happiness. Kelly gives the English the advantage after a dirty move.

The unacademic judgment of Frohms

The German goalkeeper surprisingly parries a long-range shot from England.

And here we go again for the last fifteen minutes

There are only fifteen minutes left for this meeting between England and Germany.

end of the first half

It’s over for the first period of this overtime. Neither formation makes the difference at the moment.

just a minute

In this first overtime, one more minute is played.

Doorsoun comes into play

New change in this meeting with the entry of Doorsoun instead of Hegering.

England’s defense averts danger

Heat stroke in the English surface. After a badly saved corner, the Lionesses’ rear guard manages to fend off the danger.

Corner for the English

The English get the first corner of this extra time and spirits rise at Wembley.

Magull comes out

Author of a great game, Lina Magull, is replaced by Dallmann.

here we go again

And here is that extension of the Euro 2022 final.

It is finished! Go to Extensions

No winners after regulation time. The English and the Germans have to make the difference after extra time.

Four more minutes

Four minutes of added time will be played in this European Championship final. We are currently heading towards the extension.

Greenwood and Scott come into play

New changes for the English with the entry of Scott and Greenwood instead of Daly and Stanway.

The English in Trouble

The lionesses can no longer hold the ball, but the Germans try their luck too quickly for the time being

The Germans are pushing

Since their equalizer, the Germans have been pushing to score before the end of regular time.

87,192 people at Wembley

Spectators of the day: 87,192 are in the final at Wembley


We felt it coming! Magullus crucifies the English after a very slight recovery from the Germans. Magull, solid axle, is served magnificently by Wassmuth on a flank from the bottom right. 1-1!

A few more scares

The English are not relaxed about the standard situations of the Germans and the air balls are still dangerous. But locals are taking the opportunity to try to counteract it

Nicole Anyomi comes into play

Nicole Anyomi comes into play in this finale. She replaces Lea Schuller.

The mail for Magull

The English are lacquered! Lina Magull hits Earps at the right post before Schuller misses her shot.

Kelly comes in

Shortly after the English goal, Kelly comes into play for the English. Beth Mead resigned.

Toone opens the scoring with an excellent dive

The Manchester United striker capsizes Wembley with a superb jump over Frohms. The English are approaching a coronation.

Important new contact

It’s still a strong contact that just happened in that final. Mead attacks Hegering and the German’s ankle remains locked. Both players are on the ground.

Another yellow card

The duels become more and more bitter. Schuller receives a yellow card for a foul on Earps.

New box for Germany

Oberdorf gets a yellow card after a late foul.

Double substitution for England

The English make their first two changes to this Euro final. Instead of White and Kirby, Russo and Toone come into play.

What a chance for Magull

Lina Magull turns in the box and keeps running, but her attempt narrowly misses the Earps left post.

Wassmuth’s punch lands in Earps’ arms

Wassmuth takes his chance after making the difference but Earps bets on it.

Change at halftime

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg made a change at half-time, with Wassmuth replacing Brand.

Here we go again!

It’s back to Wembley! The second phase of the Euro 2022 final is still open. No goals were scored between Germany and England.

End of the first period! no goal

No goal at the break. The two teams return to the dressing room with a goalless draw despite an engaged and rhythmic start. The end of the first act lost its rhythm through fault.

It’s hacked!

This end of the first period is particularly choppy and the referee has to intervene heavily.

New box

Third yellow card of the first period. Rauch intervenes late for White. This is the first German box.

White is close to the goal

After a nice collective sequence, White finishes with a first intent strike. His attempt just misses.

Schuller crashes into ears

The centre-forward hits Earps as the England goalkeeper grabs the ball.

Bonn episode of the English

The Lionesses are in a good phase. They dominate and put pressure on the Germans.

The scramble on the line!

What a chance for the Germans. The ball is saved on his line by the hot English defense.

White also warned

The English receive two yellow cards in quick succession. White is cautioned after a poorly controlled duel.

Stanway is warned

Stanway collects the first yellow card of this encounter.

Frohms is good at his game

The German goalkeeper intervenes twice in a minute, calming her defense for the moment that leaves spaces.

Good intervention from Hendrich

The German defender heads in for a corner to relieve her defense from an eccentric free-kick.

end of the first quarter of an hour

After a quarter of an hour of play in this final, the English and Germans do not calculate and offer a pleasant and concentrated game for the time being.

First corner for the Germans

Huth runs down the right and sends in a cross, but Daly counters it for a corner.

The goal of Däbritz goes wrong

The German midfielder has been omnipresent since the beginning of this game. Daebritz has just taken her chance again, but she can’t find the frame.

The Bronze Rescue

What a save from the former Lyonnaise Bronze, who rested her head when Daëbritz had struck towards the skylight.

English attacks are sharp

The English have been struggling on offense since the start of the game. The German defense is sometimes trapped.

Popp is definitely absent

A big blow for the Germans, who finally lost their top scorer Alexandra Popp, who had been announced as a starter.

Already a corner for the English

The English have already scored a corner in that game, the first of the game. It is managed by the German defense.

First chance of the game

The English are already burning Wembley! White places his header after a very good cross from Kirby. Frohms is alert and intervenes.

First balls in the German feet

The Germans have the ball at the start of this Euro 2022 final.

Here we go !

The moment of truth has come! Who from Germany or England will be European champion? Response possible in just over an hour and a half. The Ukrainian referee Kateryna Monzul has just given the impetus.

Pop last minute package

Terrible news for Germany: your star Alex Popp had to give up when warming up due to muscular problems!

Kick-off in less than a quarter of an hour

This Euro 2022 final starts now in less than fifteen minutes. The graduation ceremony has just started.

87,392 spectators are expected at Wembley

A new record will be broken this Sunday at this European Championship final. Wembley will be packed with 87,392 spectators expected, the all-time record for a men’s and women’s European Football Championship combined.

Germany has a psychological advantage

Even if this meeting is held on English soil, the Germans have a psychological advantage. In fact, they have won 14 competitive games in England, including four games against the English.

Six interesting facts about Germany’s captain Alexandra Popp

Euros co-scorer with Germany Alexandra Popp, author of a brace against the Blues in the semifinals, is one of the big stars of this European Championship. As he awaits the final and title fight against England at Wembley on Sunday, the Wolfsburg striker (31) is also a player with a strong personality.

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England internationals have applied for tickets to the final

One year later the defeat of the boys in the final of the euro against Italy, the women’s team meets Germany this Sunday (6pm) at Wembley Stadium in an attempt to lift the first trophy in the Lionesses’ history. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that some members of Gareth Southgate’s squad wouldn’t want to pass up.

England midfielder Georgia Stanway, who was present at a press conference on the eve of the big meeting, confirmed that some have asked for tickets to the game. The Bayern Munich player bluntly replied: “Sorry guys, it’s all sold!”

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Why England-Germany is a dream final?

After three intense weeks, Euro 2022 brings the curtain down with the final between host country England and Germany. Fall of the French team in the semifinals. A meeting taking place this Sunday (6pm) at a sold out Wembley. If the London enclosure was already full when the ticket office opened, fans should not be disappointed by the spectacle between the two favorite nations of the competition.

In particular, this poster features a duel between the two best attackers (20 goals for England against 13 for Germany) and between the two top scorers of the tournament, Beth Mead and Alexandra Popp (six goals each).

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A final under the sign of safety

A few months after the incidents in Champions League and around a year after the men’s EURO chaos, the British authorities do not want to take any chances for the final of the women’s EURO England and Germany this Sunday at Wembley (6pm). In order to avoid incidents with the fans and in particular a rush of fans without tickets, the authorities are relying on more security than expected.

“The safety of the fans in the stadium Wembley are of paramount importance and we have implemented strict security measures before, during and after all events at the stadium,” said a spokesman for the Football Association across the Channel in comments sent in particular Chron.

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Hello everyone

Welcome to this live commentary to follow the final of the Women’s EURO between host country England and eight-time winners of the competition Germany. Kick-off is at 6pm at Wembley.