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Lite Sgarbi Morgan. The exchanges are epic: “You are a mouse”, “You have no heart”, “My head is enough for me”, “You are a disappointment…

“You have no heart”, “My head is enough”. These are the friendliest sentences of the furious and stormy argument between the two (former?) friends Vittorio Sgarbi, Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Culture, and Marco Castoldi, alias Morgan, with insults and insults. Renaissance Dissolution’s chat, created by Sgarbi and of which Morgan is also an admin, hosts the exchange of verbal slaps. Chat from which the musician would have deleted several names without consulting Sgarbi, “guilty” of not heeding his commitment to a project on the character of Luigi Tenco; However, the initiative is criticized by the singer-songwriter’s family, who sends a private note to Sgarbi, which she posts in the chat, angering Morgan, who feels “slandered” and “undefended”.

The temperament of the two, which is certainly not swampy, leads to an exchange of accusations and counter-accusations, which Morgan posted with a screenshot in another chat he created “Mystery of Culture”: “I didn’t even think of you a mouse,” writes Sgarbi to Morgan, “Your heart is missing,” is the answer. “My head is enough,” comes the answer and the head-to-head race continues. Morgan: ¬ęSorry, I thought you were a worthy person. It’s a big disappointment.” Again: “Cowards do that. They laugh at others when they envy them.” Sgarbi: “Mine isn’t a disappointment because I wasn’t wrong.” Morgan: “My intelligence is their best you have met in the last twenty years” Sgarbi: “I do not like those who, endowed with agency by my generosity, hysterically cancel my guests at whim and chase sanity out of my house, perhaps by being right”. Chat, without Morgan, with the suggestive name “Sgarbistan”.

Lite Sgarbi Morgan The exchanges are epic You are a