Liszt Festival Raiding also plays brass this year

Liszt Festival Raiding also plays brass this year

The Liszt Festival is once again bringing big names in international music from over 20 nations to the Liszt Center stage. The “star” of the festival is, of course, Franz Liszt and his music, which focuses on piano and violin, explained artistic director Eduard Kutrowatz. The core of the festival are again the two concert cycles in June and October, which frame Burgenland’s cultural summer with international stars. Piano recitals, orchestral concerts, chamber music and the Grenzgänger cycle, in which musical frontiers are explored, form the wide repertoire of the Liszt Festival. In addition to those already tried and tested, audiences can also expect other concert formats, such as the Baroque Jazz Festival in March, the Family Concerts in December and the Brass Festival in May, which takes place for the first time this year. .

For those interested, the established cycles of the Liszt festival are offered in the A subscription, the B subscription also includes the additional concert offerings, explained artistic director Johannes Kutrowattz.

Extensions planned for 2025

The Liszt Festival Raiding is not just programmatically new: the expansion of the Liszt Center is due to be completed by the concert year of 2025. An expansion of around 700 square meters is planned, which is expected to house administrative areas, artists’ dressing rooms and an exhibition for several Liszt shows. The works should start by the end of this year, explained the governor and cultural adviser, Hans Peter Doskozil.

By 2025, the Liszt Festival will be expanded thematically and in terms of dates into a series of concerts throughout the year. Compared to previous years, this had already increased by 50%, according to Doskozil. The number of concerts and visitors to the Liszt Festival has tripled since it was founded in 2006. The card’s annual income in recent years has amounted to around 280,000 euros and usage is 85 to 90 percent, explained commercial director Thomas Mersich.

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