List of recordings Radio PL

List of recordings Radio PL

Text: List of recordings for today, Tuesday, June 7, 2022, from the Prensa Latina Radio Service (PLRadio), which you can request via and by calling: 7838 3494, 7838 3508 and panel 7838 3496 to 99 and 7838 3500 to 03, from Havana.

We offer the news:

* News of the day (morning)

* Live from Cuba (morning)

* Latin American Panorama (morning) * Saeta (morning)

* Facts and Events in the United States (Evening)

* Sport daily (morning)

* Scientific review (evening) +

They also appear in programming from the scene:

* Recommended by the editor: They denounce the impact of the US blockade on the pediatric population of Cuba. By Joel Michel from Havana

* World Orbit: Syrian-Iranian Action Plan to Strengthen Trade Relations. By Fady Marouf from Damascus

* Specials: World record for climbers from Nepal Kami Rita Sherpa

By Alfredo Boada Mola from Nepal.

* Correspondents: Nicaragua has a digital book on local elections. By Yosbel Bullain of Managua.

* Exclusive: China’s capital normalizes its socio-economic life. By Yolaidy Martinez from Beijing.

Broad Front denounces the economic and security emergency in Uruguay. By Hugo Ruis from Montevideo

We also offer the following news programs today:

*In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Kariña, Their Women and the Venezuelan Forests of Tukupu

* To live better: A little humor to live better

Weekly summaries also appear on our website:

* Cultural and scientific summary

* Sport seven days

* Weekly economy

* In three minutes

* Cuba is not alone