Lisa Marie Presley mother Priscilla no longer speaks to her

Lisa Marie Presley, mother Priscilla no longer speaks to her niece Riley (who has inherited the management of…

Since Priscilla Presley challenged daughter Lisa Marie’s will, claiming it was forged, she has cut ties with her niece Riley Keough, who inherited management of the finances and property from her mother, who died suddenly on January 12. Confirming the cold the Presley family had caught following the disappearance of the mythical Elvis’ only daughter, an anonymous source told Entertainment Tonight, who also explained that Riley “would rather settle the dispute privately” but that the grandma was determined to go ahead and bring the matter to court.

How the feud broke out

“These have been very tense and heartbreaking weeks for both of us. Riley mourns the loss of her mother and is heartbroken to deal with a wills dispute with a family member. For her part, Priscilla is convinced that her arguments have merit and that she will win in court. At the moment they don’t speak to each other, but they communicate through the lawyers ». As previously mentioned, the Presley feud erupted when Lisa Marie’s will was opened when her mother found out she had been evicted from the trust fund that manages all of her daughter’s fortune (her father had left it to her and she had it inherited). 25 years old), thanks to a will amendment in 2016 that she was unaware of.

The Broken Granddaughter

Under the new regulations, Lisa Marie’s heirs are her children, Riley and Benjamin Keough, but since the latter committed suicide in 2020, management of the family fortune belongs solely to Riley. Hence Priscilla’s decision to contest the 2016 amendment, which she says is inauthentic. “The document was never sent to us during Lisa Marie’s lifetime,” the 77-year-old Elvis widow told Rolling Stone magazine. And then my name is misspelled and my daughter’s own signature doesn’t seem to match her usual signature.” Within three years, Riley had to bury first her beloved brother and then her mother, so it’s understandable that this argument with her grandmother was stressful is, but try to keep a positive attitude anyway.” She’s devastated that all of this has become public knowledge — the insider concluded — and in her heart she knows her mother never would have wanted it, but her daughter and her husband keep her in a good mood.”