Lisa Marie Presley and her daughter Riley the last photo

Lisa Marie Presley and her daughter Riley: the last photo together

there Death of Lisa Marie Presleywho suddenly appeared for a Heart attack on January 12th Last year, just a few days after her public appearance at the Golden Globes, the 54-year-old plunged fans, friends and above all the family of Elvis’ only daughter into despair.

From the many letters of condolence entrusted to the media, through social networks, to the funeral service where friends such as Sarah Ferguson and moving songs, such as November Rain sung by a Axel Rose visibly excited and with a choked voice.

there todayto daughter Riley Keoughwho was unable to go on stage during the funeral to pay tribute to her mother and confided her thoughts to her husband, Ben Smith Peterson, who read her beautiful letter (“I hope I can love my daughter as you do loved me as you loved my brother and sisters thank you for that to show me that love is the only thing that matters in this world”), he posted the last shot with his mother on his Instagram profile. Next to it, write, “I feel lucky to have one Pictures from the last time I saw my beautiful mother“.

The sweet snap of the two having lunch together and smiling at the photographer was shared after Riley revealed it Lisa Marie had become a grandmother shortly before her death when she and her husband Ben Smith-Peterson had their first child together.

Lisa Marie has received many expressions of affection from American showbiz and has sent loving thoughts to her from her closest friends.

The most touching words were those of Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla Presley: “Our hearts are broken Lisa Marie, we love you. She was an icon, a superhero to a lot of people around the world.”

Lisa Marie Presley, Sarah Ferguson’s touching words at the funeral

Sarah Ferguson, a longtime friend of Lisa Marie, said as she took the stage during the funeral: “My late mother-in-law always said that nothing that can be said can take away the anguish and pain of those moments, because the pain is the price we pay for love. And how right he was.”

Lisa Marie Presley is awaiting autopsy results

An autopsy for Lisa Marie was performed a few days after her death, but the cause of death has not yet been released as the results of a toxicology screening could take some time.