Lioness in Berlin Stool and hair samples should bring clarity

Lioness in Berlin? Stool and hair samples should bring clarity

The results of the analysis of the tracks that were obtained during the search for a supposed feline near Kleinmachnow, south of Berlin, are eagerly awaited on Monday. These are stool and hair samples, which are now being evaluated, as community spokeswoman Martina Bellack.

That should clarify whether the animal filmed by a young resident was a wild boar or perhaps a big cat.

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The search began on Thursday after the witness’ video, which police initially estimated showed a lioness.

Police searched for the predator with more than a hundred officers, using helicopters, thermal imaging cameras and tracking dogs. However, no reliable observations could be made during the 30-hour mission.

search canceled

The mission was called off on Friday afternoon after experts analyzed the footage and said it was likely not a lioness but a wild boar.

According to Mayor Michael Grubert (SPD) and police, there was no sign of a lioness. Authorities saw no further acute danger and raised a warning.

Brandenburg Interior Minister Michael Stübgen (CDU) defended the full-scale police operation despite the high costs. “The safety of the population has top priority,” said Stübgen.