Lino Guanciale, very bad news for fans: they never wanted to know

Lino Guanciale, very bad news for fans: they never wanted to know

Very bad news for all Lino Guanciale fans: no one would ever hear those words, the news freezes everyone.

He is without a doubt one of the greatest actors of all time, Lino Guanciale! Recently on the small screen with the first season of Noi, the Italian remake of the famous This Is Us, the Roman actor once again proved his greatness.

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The famous actor Lino Guanciale can boast of a truly impressive career. On the other hand, he began to take his first steps in this world very young. In fact, on the Internet we read that the good Guanciale, after completing his studies, immediately devoted himself to the theater and achieved really impressive results. To this day he is one of the most popular faces of all, but also a popular actor. Indeed, many consistently stick to his work commitments, and just as many never miss the opportunity to admire his abilities. However, we can only imagine their reaction when they found out very bad news that we will give you! A very hard blow, no question, and not everyone would have liked to know that.

Lino Guanciale, very bad news for his fans: now it’s really confirmed

Everything was ready and the fans of Linen cushions they couldn’t wait to see it back on the small screen, but it wasn’t like that at all. Although it has been said that the sequel to the popular TV series has already been confirmed, confirmation has arrived that this will not be true at all! You already know what we’re talking about, right? We! You read that right, yes! After the shocking season one finale, many hoped Rebecca and Pietro’s adventures would continue. However, Maria Pia Ammirati said no when presenting the new fixtures! We don’t know what happened or what led to this decision to “cancel” Season 2 of Noi, but it seems the decision has been made and there’s nothing to change your mind.

So very bad news for all Lino Guanciale fans who were looking forward to seeing you again in the role of Pietro! On the other hand, the first season of the Italian remake was so successful that many couldn’t wait to learn more about its sequel. But what do you think? You too are particularly sorry very bad news for not renewing the TV series? On the other hand, how can you be blamed!

What other TV series will we see him in?

Although Noi 2 has been permanently canceled, don’t think Lino Guanciale won’t be making an appearance on the small screen. In addition to the second season of Il commissario Ricciardi, the Roman actor will be the undisputed star of the last season of La porta rossa together with Gabriella Pession.

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We’re bound to see some good ones, don’t you think?