Linn da Quebrada appears with a disfigured face and explains why

Linn da Quebrada appears with a disfigured face and explains why

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“Renaissance, crack in crack. Liin Superstar,” she captioned it, referring to the singer’s new album. Beyonce“Renaissance”.

In the comments, Lina received messages from fans and famous friends wishing her a speedy recovery.

“Even nicer,” said the exBBB vyni. “Just the beginning,” she replied. “Get well soon, friend. I feel the same way here,” he wrote. Lais Caldas. “Did you also do feminization?” the singer asked. “I’m like you in postop, also in recovery,” the doctor explained.


This surgery was known for many years as gender reassignment surgery and surgical reassignment. Currently the name “Gender Affirmation Surgery” is used as it is a term that aims to denaturalize genders as if there is a pattern to follow and in addition to affirming practices for transgender people.

The operation consists in the construction of a neovagina in transvestites, transsexual and intersex women who have a penis and who consider it important to have a vagina to confirm the gender with which they identify.

This surgical procedure follows what is required by the Order of the Federal Medical Council n. 1955 of August 12, 2010 and the Order of the Ministry of Health, n.

However, in the case of Linn da Quebradathe goal was to make the artist’s face more feminine, so she used the term to explain the process.

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