Lili Melgars husband tells how Shakiras nanny got the job

Lili Melgar’s husband tells how Shakira’s nanny got the job and confirms Piqué treated her badly and didn’t pay her

Lili Melgar“This song is for you because they didn’t pay you compensation,” was the verse of the new song by Shakira and Ruled Force: “The boss“, which went around the world and put the name of the nanny of the children of the Colombian singer with the football player on everyone’s lips. Gerard Pique.

When it was thought that the darts against the former Barcelona player were over, the Barranquilla woman released a new musical song to get rid of a new thorn; And apparently she found out about her now ex-partner’s infidelity thanks to the warnings of the babysitter, who was fired and received no compensation, El Tiempo reports.

However, this new controversy has sparked a debate between those who side with Shakira and those who defend Piqué; Marco Antonio Molina, Husband of Lili MelgarHe decided to speak up and tell what happened from his perspective.

The controversies that “El Jefe” leaves behind: Shakira’s former collaborator claims that the singer made Gerard Piqué suffer and the husband of nanny Lili Melgar says the former footballer was a “godfather”.

In an interview with the Bolivian media Telepaís Unitel, Molina told what his wife experienced in this job when Shakira and Piqué were still a couple and lived in Spain: “She has been working with Shakira for a long time (…) My wife Liliana “He has spent this phase with Gerard Piqué and actually didn’t want to pay him any compensation,” he explained.

How did Lili Melgar end up working as a babysitter for Shakira?

The man revealed that he and Melgar were in Barcelona in 2015 (the year Sasha was born), but he returned and she stayed, which led to a friend helping him look for a job because Shakira needed support, to take care of their two children.

One of the tributes that the singer paid to the woman of Bolivian nationality was to show one of the dancers in the background dressed in the colors of the flag of Santa Cruz, her hometown.

Lili Melgar is currently in Miami, USA, looking after Milan and Sasha.


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