1695354044 Lili Melgar the nanny of Shakiras children warns against the

Lili Melgar, the nanny of Shakira’s children, warns against the powerful song “El Jefe”

Lili Melgar gained attention for the release of “El Jefe”, Shakira’s new song with the group Fuerza Regida. The woman of Bolivian origin made a cameo appearance in the official video as the Colombian dedicated the title to her.

(For context: That’s Lili Melgar, the woman to whom Shakira dedicated her explosive song “El Jefe”).

Melgar became the star of the song, which uses Nordic sounds and high-quality words to address labor exploitation, inequalities and the migration of Latin Americans.

Lili Melgar, this song is for you because they didn’t pay you compensation.

The Barranquilla native mentions this at the end of the song, which came as a complete surprise to her fans and moves away from the rhythms and lyrics of singles such as “TQG”, “Acróstico” and “BZRP Music Sessions #53”.

Who is Lili Melgar?

Who is Lili Melgar, named in Shakira's song


YouTube: Ace Entertainment S.ar.l.

(See: Shakira “finished” her ex-father-in-law: the harsh dig at Gerard Piqué’s father in “El Jefe”).

Lili Melgar is Shakira’s babysitter. He worked with her in Barcelona, ​​​​Spain, caring for Milan and Sasha, the children of the artist and footballer Gerard Piqué.

In several pictures, the Bolivian woman can be seen carrying the car when the children were younger and even carrying them in her arms. Videos from the Europa Press agency also show how she accompanied Piqué and Shakira at the airport in recent years.

Other paparazzi videos showed her entering the villa the Colombian shared with her ex-partner before settling in Miami, USA.

“It was she who suspected that Piqué was unfaithful to the artist and who told him so,” explained Europa Press.

Lili Melgar warns about song “El Jefe”

Shakira and Lili Melgar

The babysitter appeared in the song’s video.


YouTube: Ace Entertainment S.ar.l.

(In context: Shakira introduces her new song “El Jefe”: Watch the video for guaranteed success.)

Based on the lyrics of “El Jefe”, It was revealed that Melgar had been fired. However, with the new song, Shakira confirmed her work.

“Despite everything, she continues to work with Shakira. I love you, mom,” confirmed Dariana Melgar, her daughter, revealing that the woman is now in Miami with the Colombian.

Who is Lili Melgar?  Shakira calls her in her explosive song “El Jefe”

Lili Melgar’s daughter shared her joy on social media.


Instagram screenshot

Lili Melgar spoke after the start. He applauded the “Loba” interpreter’s gesture via his social networks: “Great, Shaki.”

Due to the many comments it received, He wanted to make it clear to netizens that he would remain silent. “Thanks, out of respect I can’t speak,” he said on his TikTok account.

Lili Melgar, Shakira's nanny, warns after revealing song 'El Jefe'

Lili Melgar spoke on the networks.



(Also: “El Jefe”: These are the lyrics and video of Shakira’s new song with Fuerza Regida).

Of course, his daughter Dariana has recreated videos about the theories surrounding the Barcelona sacking, which fans say Piqué was involved in.

“This song is absolutely right,” he emphasized.

Shakira’s other clue in “El Jefe”

For other fans, the verse “They say that there is no evil that lasts more than a hundred years, but there is still my ex-father-in-law who does not set foot in the grave” would be an arrow from Shakira against Piqué’s father.

Joan Piqué Rovira would have sent Shakira a letter when the media separation became knownin which he asked him to leave the villa he shared with his son “under threat of paying compensation”, as the Spanish media Vanitatis revealed.

Shakira didn’t hint at the “hidden messages” the title would have. In a recent interview for the American broadcaster ET, he only gave an introduction: “I’m not the boss of this song, but we’ll see.”

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