Lili Estefan reappears and explains her illness quotI saved his

Lili Estefan reappears and explains her illness: "I saved his life…" USA brand

Lili Estefan is back in the Unvision program The fat and the thin. It must be remembered that her health condition caused her to spend several days (Tuesday and Wednesday) without appearing on the show. This was also confirmed by his partner and presenter Raúl de Molina. “Lili wasn’t feeling well on Tuesday, I spoke to her on the phone a while ago, we sent our greetings to her at home,” explained de Molina right at the beginning of the show. But yesterday Lili came back and explained what happened: “I’m not feeling well yet, but the first thing I have to say is that I’ve been making fun of Raúl for 25 years., because something hurts here and he runs to the hospital. Hypochondriac… everything is a show… When I was feeling bad on Tuesday I decided to call him because my doctor was on vacation and then him “Doctor of Molina” He said to me: “You have to go to the hospital” when Raúl interrupted him and said: “You have to go to this hospital because there are fewer people there than in another and they will treat you well in this hospital and not in that one.” others where there will be a lot of people.” “. Lili then continued her explanation: “What I had is a bacteria that attacks your urinary system and disrupts your kidneys.” Raúl de Molina joked: “Thanks to Doctor de Molina, I saved Lili’s life”

He was already absent in July

Lili had a similar event in July where she also had to miss the program due to another illness. On this occasion, the driver suffered an allergy and stayed at home to rest: “I had contact dermatitis and am allergic to certain contact chemicalsLili Estefan explained. The situation was so serious that “his face was deformed.” “Rauli” himself witnessed what was happening when his colleague called him to show him the effects of this reaction.