Lili Estefan and her health status quotShe has been sick

Lili Estefan and her health status: "She has been sick for the last few days" USA brand

It happened again. The host of the Univision program, the fat and the thin, Lili Estefan has expressed certain doubts about his health as he has not participated in the program for a few days (Tuesday and Wednesday). This was also confirmed by his partner and moderator. Raul de Molina. “Lili was no longer well on Tuesday, I called her a while ago, we greeted her at her home” Molina explained at the beginning of the show. It is worth remembering that Lili was already absent for several weeks in July. “It is contact dermatitis. “I am allergic to certain chemicals that we believe are in makeup and nail polish,” he explained upon his return.

She is replaced by Clarissa Molina, who was also worried about Lili’s health: “I send him a big kiss here, he’s better now. We hope to have you here again soon.“said Raúl, while Clarissa added: “Yes please Flaca, you are sorely missed, everyone here is asking about you.”

Celebrate with Thalia

On Saturday, August 26, the singer Thalía celebrated her 52nd birthday and uploaded through her Instagram profile a large number of postcards that showed part of what she did with her closest loved ones. Among them TV presenter Lili Estefan, who shows that they are good friends.