Like Pineau!  The Peruvian promises he could be summoned by other teams

Like Pineau! The Peruvian promises he could be summoned by other teams

Like Pineau The Peruvian promises he could be summoned by

This became known a few days ago Sebastian Pineau He was called to a microcycle for the Chilean U-20 team. This caused a big surprise from the fans and the national press as the young attacker had previously expressed his desire to wear the shirt Peru national team.

Likewise, there are other young talents of Peruvian football who have their origins abroad and could be considered by these countries if they so wish. In this note we tell you who they are.

Alec Deneumostier (Belgium)

Alec Deneumostier is 23 years old and a regular in the FBC Melgar defence. The centre-back has shown a high standard in Liga 1 and the Copa Sudamericana, which is why many fans are asking for his call-up Peru national team. However, the central defender also has Belgian nationality, so he could be an option in this country.

Alec Deneumostier came to Melgar in 2018. Photo: LR/Instagram Composed by Alec Deneumostier/GLR

Kenji Cabrera (Japan)

Another promise of Peruvian football is Kenji Cabrera, the FBC Melgar winger responsible for the first penalty in definition against Internacional in the Copa Sudamericana. The attacker has Peruvian and Japanese passports and could be called up by either side.

Kenji Cabrera was key in qualifying for the semifinals. Photo: Composition/GLR/Melgar

Catriel Hair (Argentina)

cat hair He is 18 years old and belongs to Racing de Argentina. The Peruvian-Argentinian footballer is usually called up to the team by Gustavo Roverano Peru national team under 20. However, the Albiceleste were able to easily call up the versatile player. His brother Axel Cabellos also belongs to the U17s of the River Plate country.

Catriel Cabellos is a national of Peru and Argentina. Photo: Composite/FPF/Racing

Christopher Olivares (Greece)

Christopher Olivares He is 23 years old and still considered the future striker of the Peru national team due to its physical and technical conditions. Still, the Sporting Cristal forward could eventually be called up to Greece as he was born in this European country.

Christopher Olivares dreams of being summoned by Ricardo Gareca. Photo: Libero

Raphael Lutiger (Switzerland)

Another young Sporting Cristal player who has caught the eye is Rafael Luiger. The 21-year-old defender has gradually carved his way into the sky-blue team and shown plenty of solvency, but he hasn’t been part of the Peru squad yet. Having Swiss roots, however, the centre-back could represent that country.

Oliver Sonne (Denmark)

Finally the case of Oliver Sun It differs from those of the other soccer players mentioned above. The defender was born in Denmark and has Peruvian roots, but has not previously had any contact with the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF). Furthermore, the 21-year-old player has made regular rotations in Denmark’s top flight, so if he continues to perform well he could be called up by that nation’s representative.

Oliver Sonne plays in the Danish First Division. Photo: Instagram by Oliver Sonne