Lidl: According to the UFC Que Choisir, these Cien products should not be bought… They are harmful to your health!     next postal code

Lidl: According to the UFC Que Choisir, these Cien products should not be bought… They are harmful to your health! next postal code

Lidl may need to check its copy for certain products! However, the German brand is used to success and customer care. It has to be said that Lidl knows how to hit hard. By offering a large number of references at discounted prices, the brand allows many consumers to purchase without breaking the bank. If you are looking for interesting offers with an excellent price-performance ratio, you will find just the right thing at Lidl. Lidl is now a must for everyday shopping or household equipment. The stores even afford the luxury of competing with certain big brands with cutting-edge bestsellers. This is the case, for example, with the fantastic robot Monsieur Cuisine+. The Lidl cosmetics line offers reduced prices for body care and make-up.

Lidl Cien products are pinned on some products but praised on others

Lidl developed the Cien brand to offer high-quality beauty products that are also very easy on your finances. If most of the line is a success, however, according to UFC-Que Choisir, some references should be avoided. Like many other manufacturers, the discount brand pays attention to the composition of its products. However, some still have potentially negative effects on your health. This is the case for three products identified by UFC-Que Choisir within the Cien range sold by Lidl. Children’s sunscreen SPF 50 could be dangerous. In fact, it contains octrocrylene, a component suspected of being carcinogenic. This product can also have metabolic and endocrine disorders. It is easily absorbed by the skin, especially when used as a cream, and is all the more dangerous.

Lidl would therefore have kept this product in its Cien range, no matter how notorious it may be. This is all the more harmful since these are children’s products. This could then mean potential long-term exposure. The Classic Cream from the Cien range also contains octrocrylene. This face and body cream is intended for daily use. Again, this increases long-term exposure to a potentially harmful product. Finally, Cien liquid soap with aloe vera contains propylparaben, which is known to be an endocrine disruptor. It is therefore strongly recommended to avoid these three references. However, Lidl is not notorious for all of its products. UFC-Que Choisir has also highlighted some other products that pose no known risk to your health and are also good for your wallet. Don’t forget to check the ingredients when you buy your next cosmetic!