Libra, the partnership shows some weaknesses.  The horoscope for Monday, August 15

Libra, the partnership shows some weaknesses. The horoscope for Monday, August 15

Blackbeard’s horoscope for today, Monday August

Aries. 21/3 – 20/4

The Moon in sign meets Venus and Jupiter, and it’s immediate…excitement. Vacation, travel, new conquests will turn out to be a beneficial change of air. Try to reach out to those around you with concern and trust others to understand.

Bull. 21/4 – 20/5

A mostly calm day. You can give free rein to a subtle hint of laziness and give yourself a well-deserved rest. Keep your commitments to the essentials and refuse any interference. A good book, magical music.

Twins. 21/5 – 21/6

Thanks to the moon, you have the situation under control. By feeling good, you are likely to take responsibility for your actions. Unmissable information to solve a problem immediately. Green light in the sky for singles.

Cancer. 22/6 – 22/7

Irritating episodes due to insecurity. Apathy and desire to act do not find a match. Disagreements with loved ones, possible migraines. Unforeseen and contradictions. setbacks for travelers. Don’t set yourself rigid roadmaps.

Lion. 23/7 – 23/8

Courage, determination, security: with these credentials you can achieve your goals, defeat a rival, win whoever you want. You have a desire for adventure, sports activities, conquests. A journey into the unknown…

Virgo. 24/8 – 22/9

Struggling with reflections and thoughts born of the need for scrutiny, appearing a little elusive to your loved one. Invest your energy well by devoting more time to it. Correct the frenetic pace you follow.

weight scale. 23.9. – 22.10

The partnership shows some weak points. Differences about the two-man crew and questions of money, principle or power trigger dissatisfaction. There is no lack of love, but everyday life is close and you feel a certain desire to escape.

Scorpio. 23.10. – 22.11

Not all matters affecting the house and your loved ones are resolved, but in the meantime, life is less complicated. Don’t be distracted by helplessness. If you find it difficult to relate to others, just try it yourself: you will retrace your steps.

Protect. 23.11. – 21.12

The strength to get up and get back into the game is found within yourself. But some gratitude goes to the Moon in Aries for charging and encouragement. You want to show what you’re made of. But forget the competitions and the desire to win big now.

Capricorn. 22.12. – 20.1

Sharp the moon arrows fired from Ram. When you’re at work, you can’t get a spider out of the hole and your family proposals fall on deaf ears. To make communication with others fluent, it is better to avoid criticism, schematization, judgment.

Aquarium. 21/1 – 19/2

The Moon in Aries dusts off your dynamism. Resourcefulness and sympathy encourage the emergence of new promising friendships. Leisure. A journey, an encounter, good news capable of inspiring new confidence for tomorrow.

Fishes. 20/2 – 20/3

Relax by immersing yourself in the natural surroundings. Take time for your hobbies, it’s good for body and soul. Chattering or gossiping in the air for no reason at all: stop fantasizing about it.

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