Liberman repeatedly scolded Ten Hag for not using Cristiano and

Liberman repeatedly scolded Ten Hag for not using Cristiano and losing to City

The Manchester derby was a total cataract of goals. While City violently crushed United to the 8th Premier League deadline, Argentinian journalist Martín Liberman berated the Red Devils manager with everything. Eric Ten HagNot putting Cristiano Ronaldo in the starting XI also means that the Dutchman’s style of play is not to the liking of the “Colorados”.

Manchester United had a match to forget; The Citizens outclassed him from start to finish, despite the Reds trailing 3-6 by the end of the game. In turn, from the first entry of Manchester CityThe Argentine communicator mercilessly criticized the United strategist’s decisions.

“That daring Ten witch He lets his team play badly and gives himself the pleasure of leaving Cristiano Ronaldo as a substitute in every game? Where did this hideous guy come from? Cristiano on one leg and by the age of 50 he will be more than anyone who plays for Manchester United,” he began via his official Twitter

At the end of the first half when the Red Devil they lost 0:4, Liberman He tweeted again against the Dutch manager, urging him to step down immediately. “If he has dignity, he resigns at halftime…this DT being inflated by the followers of ‘jogo bonito'”.

Minutes later, he responded to a fan’s tweet Manchester United, who pointed out that the Portuguese star shouldn’t always be counted on. Faced with this, the Argentine replied: “Forget Cristiano. What the coach has done so far is a disaster. Terrible. campaign,” he stressed.

harsh comments. Photo: Martin Liberman/Twitter

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